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CASE NO: 15-276CF

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden


















This filing is made “Pro Se” by the undersigned in hopes that the State Court as listed above and the Honorable Judge Shonna May can intervene in the train wreck of malicious prosecution attempted by the State/County in this case, and redirect to the appropriate authorities.  This is the SECOND REQUEST for change of venue filed.  It is actually the third or fourth written request as can be noted by the file of H.Guy Green’s office.

The Defendant as a victim of a host of crimes by the State and County does not feel safe doing business within Jackson County or their Courts.  A wide array of deceptions, conspiracies and corruption have been uncovered.  If the Judge/Court was unaware of the runaway corruption within this Court and its officers, then it is now being made aware through this and numerous other filings.

Apparently the STATE, the JUDGE, the COURT, and/or the Public Defender (??) office does not feel comfortable going forward with this case, noting specifically:

1)      There is unlawful, unwarranted targeting and tracking of the Defendant in the Courthouse.  For some reason some of the predator prosecutorial types apparently have found it necessary to place the Undersigned on a “watch list” of some kind.  Note Appendix A public posting of Detainee Photo of the Undersigned.

A)     The image attached is/was posted on the back of the XRAY machine at the entrance to the Jackson County Courthouse, Marianna, Florida.

B)      Photo was for the eyes of law enforcement (and anyone who walked in to the clerk’s office).

C)      Anyone who saw or could be anticipated see the photo was in danger of misinterpretation, In fact:

i)                    What the Hell does it mean?

ii)                   Who authorized it?

iii)                 It is mislabeled placing the subject person in jeopardy.

iv)                 It places others in jeopardy who may interpret it in any way.

A)     Note ANY interpretation is wrong.

B)      MISINTERPRETATION is guaranteed because there is no “normal” way to interpret a post of this nature.

D)     The photo has two phone numbers on it.  One belongs to the Defendant.  The other phone number belongs to Guy Green, 850-526-8406.

i)                    Guy Green is the crooked Public Defender who was appointed by the State to protect me, yet he is now targeting me it seems.

ii)                   Guy Green is operating in a retaliatory manner, which is predatorial and unlawful.

iii)                 Guy Green has clearly an ability to hide for 30 years in this Court house as a crooked Public Defender.  It says very little for the Court house, the Court, and the Systems he represents.

E)      The photo constitutes DEFAMATION for posting/broadcasting such a photo and the fear that is likely created.

F)      The Photograph and captions likely prejudices a “FREE and FAIR Trial” in this Court house and County. 

G)     The Jurisdiction of those working in and around this area is compromised.

H)     The area maintained around the Xray machine/Photo is presumably maintained by local county Sheriff and their people/agents.  They are out of line with their duty and assignment.

2)      Notice the image has “DETAINEE” at the top.  The person in the image is NOT a “DETAINEE”.  This is false representation and represents DEFAMATION. 

3)      Copying of old jail records and posting with personal data is RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT.

The corruption within the County and Officials precludes the expectation of reasonable safety and fair trial in this venue.

The corruption of multiple state and county agencies working together on this ruse likely makes this Court subject to Federal oversights and protections for the Defendant.   The case likely belongs in Federal Court now.

The State is clearly outside of the Speedy Trial act as this is the 201st day since arraignment and no trial is feasibly in site.

a)      The Crooked Public Defender as appointed by the State is unlawfully withholding copy of attorney file in conflict with the rules of advocacy requiring he release copy of his file.

b)      The Crooked States Attorney as representing the State is unlawfully withholding copy of the State’s file, evidence, discovery, etc in direct violation of:

i)                    The 14th Amendment

ii)                   Due Process

iii)                 Special Rules of Prosecutors Rule 3.8 and others

iv)                 Failure to provide Brady Disclosure

The State lacks a case of substance and appears to be going to irregular lengths at Extortion to further their Criminal Conspiracy, their Scheme to Defraud and other such issues listed herein and elsewhere.  The State clearly lacks substance to try this case in Court, and are playing a dangerous game with the freedom of others.   A request for Emergency Change of Venue is made to protect all those involved, including the Defendant who has been subjected to numerous criminal offenses as outlined in the States Attorney file and elsewhere.  The FBI, FDLE, Attorney General and others should quickly see the abuses outlined.

On December 15, 2015 Attorney H. Guy Green appointed as Public Defender by the State to represent the undersigned withdrew from the case.  Green’s stated reason was a result of the displeasure of the undersigned as client for the legal services provided.   Quite specifically Green was caught in Collusion with the States Attorney to the detriment of the authority of the Court, to the Defendant, and was seen to be a liability to the State.  As investigations will show in October/November 2015 the undersigned requested that the criminally operating Guy Green make a “Request for Emergency Change of Venue” due to the widespread corruption in the Case, in the County, and the Court.  Once again Green failed in his fiduciary duties in failing to make this request.  Instead Green and his accomplices furthered the Criminal Conspiracy agenda of the States Attorney office and their accomplices. Three+ months it seems has passed since the original request and a host of schemes and deceptions have continued, with new aspects and schemes commencing.  Thus far it seems everyone for the State and for the County have committed substantial felony offenses.  The list of witnesses in the States’ file submitted by the undersigned as well as filings lists dozens for each person and person group.   It seems routine in the State’s slipshod, corrupt processes.  Some are outlined in other filings within this case.  Many are outlined in the States Attorney file demonstrating they have been given ample notice.  Still more will be listed herein to give the Judge/Court the opportunity to absolve themselves from entanglement in this reckless abuse of the legal system.

                The State (States Attorney office) partnering with the State (Public Defender Office) to cause undue harm to a citizen causes the State Court to lose jurisdiction and authority.  This is now a Federal matter and it is mandated that this Court/Judge notify proper Federal authorities, initiate investigation, and work towards prosecution of the State and County to protect the rights of all involved.

                The file of the State, the County, and this Court should reflect that the Conditional Release of defendant was violated within some 36 hours after agreement.  As such this constitutes CONTEMPT OF COURT by the State and the County law enforcement.

                When the State/County violated the Conditional Release (Part N) they arranged for an armed officer to attend the property of the undersigned and facilitated removal (CONTEMPT OF COURT) against the Court order/agreement.  As such the States case was irreparably damaged by way of tampering with evidence, inventory, ownership, possession, and valuation.  The State would not have had a case at any rate, but this deception ended their dream of pursuit.

                The State has engaged in numerous acts in violation of the U.S. Constitution Civil Rights title 42 Section 1983.  Numerous counts of theft and misuse of power to affect the Civil rights of a citizen have occurred.  As a result this is a Federal Case, and not State.

                The States Attorney has purposely engaged in Frivolous Litigation with a very low probability of ruling in their favor.  They have unlawfully accepted the statements known to be false statements in their original filings.  These known false statements come from a less than credible witness who routinely conflicts themselves.  The State’s case has lacked merit from inception.  The undersigned was patient initially, but the conduct of the State representatives and County gives clear indication they do not feel they are bound by law, and the undersigned fears the abuse and corruption will escalate and/or continue.  The Court is being notified of this runaway train staged by officers of their Court.  The Court should it fail to act is partying with the Criminals and seen to be in Collusion with the Criminal actions and inactions of the State.   The State is well outside their protections for standard protection in Malicious Prosecution.

 It is clear the Defendant cannot get a fair trial in this Court.  This is based on the corruption of officers in the Court to this point.

It is clear the Defendant cannot anticipate being treated fairly in this County.  This is based on the widespread and repeated corruption of the local Sheriff department.  It would be impossible for anyone to conceive handling of the defendant, drug screens, evidence, or anything can be handled by these officers without temptation to further tamper with elements of the case.

It is clear the States Attorney had used the Sheriff’s officers in retaliatory measures against the Defendant.  They clearly do not see the difference between their duty to serve and the unlawful demands of their predator and chief.  As such the Sheriff’s office and officers of the Court have privileged their oath of office and authority in this Court, and as it regards this Defendant.  Federal intervention is required and the removal of Sheriff’s office corruption from the Court.

                The States Attorney representatives have committed numerous felony offenses.  The vindictive nature of the corrupt and incompetent legal representation of the State has them partying with (Aiding and Abetting) and facilitating as many as six (6) felony counts of Grand Theft, Tampering with Evidence, Obstructing Justice and a host of violations.

                The States Attorney file demonstrates a host of violations (Some 20+ multipart felonies) which the States complainant has made in their filing and the follow through since filing.  The States’ file reflects that they have been well informed of the frivolous nature of their case as regards:

1)      Their complainant

2)      Their mishandling

3)      Their continued abuses

4)      Their ongoing Criminal Conspiracy

5)      Their RICO Act Violations

6)      Speedy Trial Act violations

Based on the perpetuated Schemes, Criminal Deception, Material Misrepresentation, Collusion, and Corruption of the States Attorney office, Jackson County Sheriff’s office, and the allowance of same by this Court it is anticipated that the crooked States Attorney will unlawfully allege “Fraud” by the Undersigned in regards to the “Indigent Status Application”.  This was already put forward verbally by the States Attorney representative Laura Wahlquist on December 15, 2015.  This is clearly another of many schemes to defraud as part of their organized scheme.

                I order the State to immediately suspend this frivolous pursuit, dropping all charges and “Conditions of Release” and move towards instigating controls, arrest, and disbarment of the States Attorney and Public Defender personnel while mitigating losses for all offended parties.  I would like to initiate Federal investigation with full charges against all named parties effective immediately.

As we move along it is clear the Court in which this has been launched is likely out of its authority, element, and jurisdiction.  This likely became a Federal matter as soon as the State legal representatives began partying to affect the life and livelihood of a citizen.  This is clearly a violation of Civil Rights via the U.S. Code title 42 section 1983 at a minimum.  By using their office and opportunity to bring about unlawful hindrances of personal rights this escalated out of their own jurisdiction and authority at or immediately after the filing of the initial unsubstantiated, frivolous complaint.  Clearly the Court must now invite Federal oversight to this case and turn the records and officers over for Federal prosecution.

I reserve the right to amend any and all filings as well as bringing additional filings as deemed necessary.  In the meantime this harassment/abuse is costing me substantial hardship financially, physically, and otherwise.

Notification of the Agent signifies notification of the Principal.  Notification of the Principal signifies notification of the Agent.



I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office and State Legal Representation via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention:


Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162;

Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

Attention Glenn Hess, States Attorney Florida Bar # 287806

Herman Laramore, Public Defender Bar #131906

Pam Bondi, Attorney General, Florida Bar # 886440

Elijah Smiley, Chief Justice 14th Judicial, Florida Bar # 508918

FBI, Regional Office

Publicly made available.


Jackson County Board of County Commissioners

2864 Madison Street

Marianna, Florida 32448

Telephone: (850) 482- 9633

Fax: (850) 482- 9643

E-mail: [email protected]


                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




An Abused Member of the Public









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