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CASE NO: 15-276CF

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden










The following is being filed “Pro Se” by the Undersigned to this Court in regards to the ongoing BAD FAITH, Abuse of Process, Prosecutorial Misconduct, and Harassment administered and overseen daily and routinely by this Court and its Officers.  The abuse is extreme and routine in this Court, this circuit, and this office.  Judge Shonna Young Gay is either deeply involved in a host of Schemes or is extremely ignorant to what is taking place all around her.  Corruption at its core has followed every facet of this BAD FAITH case without probable cause.  This pervades the SPEEDY TRIAL aspects and violations of the Defendant’s rights as well.


Rule 3.8

(a)   refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause;

(d) make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or information known to the prosecutor that tends to negate the guilt of the accused or mitigates the offense, and, in connection with sentencing, disclose to the defense and to the tribunal all unprivileged mitigating information known to the prosecutor, except when the prosecutor is relieved of this responsibility by a protective order of the tribunal;


(g) When a prosecutor knows of new, credible and material evidence creating a reasonable likelihood that a convicted defendant did not commit an offense of which the defendant was convicted, the prosecutor shall:

(1) promptly disclose that evidence to an appropriate court or authority, and

(2) if the conviction was obtained in the prosecutor’s jurisdiction,

(i) promptly disclose that evidence to the defendant unless a court authorizes delay, and

(ii) undertake further investigation, or make reasonable efforts to cause an investigation, to determine whether the defendant was convicted of an offense that the defendant did not commit.

(h) When a prosecutor knows of clear and convincing evidence establishing that a defendant in the prosecutor’s jurisdiction was convicted of an offense that the defendant did not commit, the prosecutor shall seek to remedy the conviction.


[8] Under paragraph (h), once the prosecutor knows of clear and convincing evidence that the defendant was convicted of an offense that the defendant did not commit, the prosecutor must seek to remedy the conviction. Necessary steps may include disclosure of the evidence to the defendant, requesting that the court appoint counsel for an unrepresented indigent defendant and, where appropriate, notifying the court that the prosecutor has knowledge that the defendant did not commit the offense of which the defendant was convicted.

The States Attorney is completely corrupt.  The AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH (AFFIDAVIT A) has been filed under separate form previously as far back as November 2015.   Additional filings and emails sent to Glenn Hess demonstrate similar issues.  An opportunity has been given to Glenn L. Hess and his reckless bunch of hooligans to drop this case based on the frivolous nature of its inception and furtherance.  There are multiple reasons for which this could/should have been dropped long ago.  There are so many opportunities to point out the incompetence and corruption that files are over-flowing with paper.  Hess must know this unless he is a complete idiot and as crooked as his counterparts, Ana Maria Garcia and Laura Wahlquist.  Meanwhile for an organization to be this misguided, corrupt and incompetent the problem must lie in large part with the head of the organization, low moral character, and low standards of integrity.  This legal process is overwhelmed with incompetence and corruption as a pattern of operation.

As an example of the harsh words written in the paragraph above note in the attachment as recent as 11/6/2015 the entire opening statement of the Claimant (Criminal Jennifer Slay) as taken by Larry Birge, Lieutenant of the Jackson County Florida Sheriff’s department we see the entire statement is wrought with FRAUD and the stench of EXTORTION at its inception.  There are an abundance of Rule 3.8 issues in this accurate representation of conflicts within the States Attorney file.  The crooked bastards will likely tamper with their file, so I am refiling in the Court documents to make sure this is presented as is proper.

As we move along it is clear the Court in which this has been launched is likely out of its authority, element, and jurisdiction.  This likely became a Federal matter as soon as the State legal representatives began partying to affect the life and livelihood of a citizen.  This is clearly a violation of Civil Rights via the U.S. Code title 42 section 1983 at a minimum.  By using their office and opportunity to bring about unlawful hindrances of personal rights this escalated out of their own jurisdiction and authority at or immediately after the filing of the initial unsubstantiated, frivolous complaint.  Clearly the Court must now invite Federal oversight to this case and turn the records and officers over for Federal prosecution.

I reserve the right to amend any and all filings as well as bringing additional filings as deemed necessary.  In the meantime this harassment/abuse is costing me substantial hardship financially, physically, and otherwise.

Notification of the Agent signifies notification of the Principal.  Notification of the Principal signifies notification of the Agent.

                RICO Act Racketeering is becoming easier to demonstrate at each round.  Maybe someone wants to read what has been filed with the Court and/or sent to them?



I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office and State Legal Representation via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention:


Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162;

Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

Attention Glenn Hess, States Attorney Florida Bar # 287806

Herman Laramore, Public Defender Bar #131906

Pam Bondi, Attorney General, Florida Bar # 886440

Elijah Smiley, Chief Justice 14th Judicial, Florida Bar # 508918

FBI, Regional Office

Publicly made available.


Jackson County Board of County Commissioners

2864 Madison Street

Marianna, Florida 32448

Telephone: (850) 482- 9633

Fax: (850) 482- 9643

E-mail: [email protected]


                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




An Abused Member of the Public




November 17, 2015

Filing repeated since it appears no one is reading the file.


For the benefit of the State, I would really suggest they read their file.  Specifically note:

1)    7/31/2015 Notice to Sheriff Department served prior to the unlawful access, search, and seizure of goods from Pollywog Lane

2)    8/3/2015 notice to Larry Berges

3)    5/7/2015 Trespass Notice (not eviction notice!  READ!)

4)    List of Charges (24 charges) concerning Jennifer Slay as evidenced and receipted in the State file on August 6, 2015.  Most of these charges are established and proven herein.

5)    8/13/2015 Notice to the State’s Attorney file/office and Sheriff, AND JUDGES advising of unlawful conduct of corrupt and incompetent officials.  This conduct has continued throughout thus the place we are now in.  Twenty (20) charges (all substantiated herein) are listed in that document.  The Abuse continues…………..Notice the attachments to the 8/13/2015 demonstrate Whidden was in Alaska (by way of IP address of both the email and the web portal access).  Somehow the Sheriff/State failed to have these papers follow through to the file.  This is FRAUD by way of concealment.  Look at the time/date stamps and the chain of command.  Corruption exists.

6)    August 10, 2015 time/date stamped document actually dated 8/7/2015 actually copied to the Judge(s) and part of the State’s Attorney file advises of substantial criminal operations by way of the file management and use of process.  Much of this is demonstrated hereunder.

Jennifer Slay advises in her statement that she lost a “Rolex”.  In her deposition she refers to “Rolexes” PLURAL.  Please clarify how many Rolexes she claims to have had and get a description.   It would seem that some IDIOT would have thought of this by now.  Very likely she expects you to find a Rolex somewhere.  You have been set up, or either you are too incompetent to see.


Notice in Paragraph One of the Affidavit-Complaint:

1)    Slay advises a verbal agreement (??) was entered in on 3/26/2015

2)    Notice in the deposition (Minute 4:15) Slay advises the “verbal agreement” happened at the first of May.

3)    As this moves to trial, if all “witnesses” are called, then dates will vary widely.  Noting specifically:

A)   Charles Pumphrey will likely give conflict.

B)    Slay’s children will give conflicting information.

CONFLICT. Result, false statement(s).


Notice in Paragraph Two, line one.

It states that on 5/7/2015 Slay speculates on “Whidden” turning water off.

Note specifically the WFECA records conflict this statement.

CONFLICT.  Result, false statement.


Notice in Paragraph Two, line two.

“Mr. Whidden then turned off my electricity on 5/8/2015………..”

Note specifically the WFECA records conflict this statement.

CONFLICT.  Result, false statement.


Notice in Paragraph Two, line two.

“…..on 5/8/2015 and left a note telling me I had until 05/10/2015 to be out of the rental unit.”

Question:  Where is this notice?

Question:  What date?  Dates become important as none of this will make sense otherwise.

A Trespass notice was served regarding the vandalism and theft of property on 5/7/2015.  Copy of the lawfully served trespass notice has been part of the State’s Attorney file since August 2015.  Attempts to serve trespass notice were made several times by Deputy Ellerbee of the Jackson County Sheriff department who is listed as a witness.  (Note in folder labled 5.7.2015 Trespass there are photos of two images containing the trespass notice.

CONFLICT.  The date and nature of this statement is distorted leading to it being a falsely implied statement.


Note:  Paragraph two, line three.

“I called and tried to talk to him about to find out why he was kicking me out, but he was rude and threatening.”

Ask Slay what phone she called from and pull those records.  There was no discussion.  There was no discussion all along because Slay most often has/had no phone service.  Slay was dodging messages and encounters, as will be testified by Deputy Ellerbee who had been by some 3 times it seems to serve her notice.  Clearly photo inventory enclosed shows the need of the owner to evidence lawful service. (See folder for “Trespass Notice”.  Note normal condition of chain on gate before Slay and/or her accomplices placed a lock on the gate.

CONFLICT:  No phone discussion.  This is a part of her ruse.  FALSE STATEMENT.


Paragraph two, line four:

“On 5/11/2015 he locked me out of the rental unit and locked the gate that leads down to the rental unit, depriving me from getting my property.”

Note:  FALSE STATEMENTS (Several), This is a HEARSAY CASE with no WITNESS, NO EVIDENCE.  The statements received are from a known criminal of low integrity.  Slay’s history of bad checks, grand thefts plead to petty thefts and a host of criminal mention should be brought in to question.  This is criminal scheme of conspiracy.

1)    Did Slay or anyone witness the gate being locked?  If there is/was not witness you have no crime.  Case should be dismissed.

2)    Slay’s statement that she was locked out of the unit is undermined by many things including the State’s Attorney file.

A)   How did Slay obtain photos of closets and belongings unless she had access?  (See State’s Attorney file)

B)    Look at the photos in the order of presentation.  Slay took internal photos of a property (Trespassing a Conveyance) and on her way out took a photo of the lock SHE PUT ON THE GATE.  Clearly this is FRAUD, ATTEMPT AT FRAUD, EXTORTION, FALSE STATEMENTS, etc.

C)    Take a look at her actual electronic photos and the order they were taken.  She put the lock.  She took the photos.  She had access.  The statement that she did not have access is corrupted by the photos themselves.

D)   Slay is/was the only person with a key.  There are/were clearly two locks to the door.  The original lock for the door is inside the dwelling.  Slay had locks changed.  Owner had to await Slay’s attendance to access the property.

E)    The State’s Attorney office and Sheriff office by violating the condition of release corrupted the access/lock issue on the door, BUT actually demonstrated Slay at all times had a key.  This PROVES A FALSE STATEMENT in that they were able to enter and access the property without assistance.  Even though the Sheriff and the State broke the law to facilitate the crime of the felon, they actually just disproved the case and proved a false statement by their claimant.  CASE SHOULD BE DISMISSED and CHARGES BROUGHT ON SLAY.

3)    If you do have a witness step forward incarcerate that person and drug test them because they are partying with (Aiding and Abetting) a felony conspiracy.

4)   Possibilities for the gate locking.  Since the State has multiple possibilities and no way to affirm or deny any single one, you lack “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, and are faced with a host of “reasonable doubt”:

A) Jennifer Slay:  Note her photos are of the closets and such.  Why take photos of a closet?  She clearly had access to take inventory photos.  Her last photo appears to be of the lock she placed on the gate on her way out.  She was likely seeking a faster resolution.  She did not expect the owner to be in Alaska for 10 weeks as the State’s file demonstrates. (See emails exchanged with the Sheriff’s office and Donnie Branch.  Check the IP Address as stated in the correspondence from both May and August 2015).  Phone messages appear Jennifer entered the property or had intentions to following issuance of the warrant for arrest.  She must have picked up her things.  Her May 8,9,10 texts advise she is moving things.  Her inventory all along the way is corrupted.  Her lies are prolific.  Her valuations are undermined by comparing her initial stated values to other references.  This is clearly an extortionist plot of fraud, conspiracy, Abuse of Process, Criminal Mischief, littered with false statements……As advised in the State file.  The State is unlawfully supporting a hearsay case with a low integrity claimant who is attempting Abuse of Process AS STATED IN HER MESSAGES TO THE OWNER!  Numerous false statements litter Slay’s claim as outlined by the property owner in his August 2015 advising the state of some 20+ felony charges on Slay which they have failed to pursue.

B)  Jennifer Slay’s husband/ex-husband clearly indicates in the phone messages (Recording submitted to evidence in StateAttorney2 folder) he is planning to block access and the message stating thus is just before WFECA notice that the gate is/was locked.

i)                  Potential Deadbeat/Violent Exhusband: Jeremy Tolbert

ii)               Potential Deadbeat/Violent Exhusband: James Michael Slay

iii)            Potential Deadbeat/Violent Present “husband” Tony Edge per subpoena service order.

iv)            Note:  The phone message is from a person claiming to be Slay’s husband or ex-husband, he claims to have connections on the Sheriff department, Sheriff department corruption in this case makes this appear a viable threat for a felon, and thus Abuse of Process and Criminal Mischief.  There are veiled threats/warnings within the voice mail.  Slay had barricaded herself in a dwelling as can be attested by her, witnesses, and law enforcement.  Records and the testimony of Larry Birge and Justin Hurst indicates that she had issue with someone (husband) abducting children, harassing, abusing, and violence.  Very likely this person could have locked the gate as they implied…………..Also, while the deadbeats are in court (if you can find them) lock them up for back child support.

v)               One must ask themselves how did the renegade hooligan husband get involved in the whole Meth lab protection scheme?  It appears Slay has more criminal issues than one can imagine.

C)  The mystery people in Slay’s May 9th text.

D) The owners/agents/family of the inholding.

E)  The owners/agents/family of the other property owner(s).

F)   The Jackson County Sheriff department who had been dumping equine rescue at the property.  They had been advised that this would endanger others if left unsecured.

G) Service personnel.

H) The Jackson County Sheriff file and the State’s Attorney file reflects that following Birge/Branch failure to properly manage the May 18th, 2015 correspondence, they filed a May 21st, 2015 complaint.  The May 18th, 2015 correspondence is clearly sent via Internet through the public portal with follow-up in email indicating property owner was in Alaska.  This poses a number of problems due to improper handling, malicious prosecution, and starts a cascade of embarrassing problems for the county and state’s case.

I)     Angie Williams (a named witness) appears to have a strange level of interest in this situation.  She is convinced her thieving, dope smoking, bad check writing daughter is a saint.  Call her as a witness and see what you get.

J)     There are more to come.  These are sufficient to create reasonable doubt, and preclude the State’s case.  Your case is/was over before it ever began.  We have allowed it to go long enough to sufficiently let the true felon emerge.  If the State fails to prosecute Jennifer Slay it is clear that the State knowingly partied with the felon for this abuse.  There are other indications that the Sheriff and State have supported this ruse.



Paragraph Three, last sentence:

“I tried to talk to him about this, but it was to no avail.”

Where is this conversation?  Is Slay referring to the Hazardous Material situation on the property (Meth Production/Operation/Dumping) that began when she came to the property and ended when she left?  Note: Numerous phone call messages, texts from Angie Williams, Jennifer Slay, etc mention reference to the known Meth Production issues on the property.  Numerous Sheriff reports and attendances should be on record.  Numerous deputies will advise that they attended WITHOUT putting it on record for advice to the owners, hence a long line of deputy and law enforcement witnesses.

FALSE STATEMENT?  Did she try to “talk” to the owner?  Where is the proof or indication?


Paragraphs four and onwards have a number of items at issue.  What the State has done is given a known criminal a blank check to write.  As we know she has a record of bad checks and a history of theft, this should raise some eyebrows.  Slay’s inventory is vast and everything is sensationally expensive.  Meanwhile this is a woman who was camping out in the dark while in hiding from something.  There was often no electricity to the property as evidenced by the WFECA records of outages.  Slay was clearly involved at a minimum in dumping remnants from a Meth Production operation as evidenced at the septic system area as witnessed by numerous deputies including but not limited to Deputy Ellerbee and Sargent Quinton Hollis.

Note: The valuations and lists which constitute false statements, fraud, leading to extortion as she tries to recover it, making this a criminal conspiracy to defraud.

Note specifically the “bunk bed” and children’s furniture values.  Note in “Girl’s bedroom area” section the bunkbeds at $1000 and other furniture components of the children’s room leading one to believe values approaching or exceeding $2000 in this room………….NOW, look at the hand written yard sale signs by Slay (pink) in which the same items were listed for sale IN TOTAL at $60 or less.  This corrupts her entire valuation process and the inventory itself.  This is FRAUD and EXTORTION using legal proceedings in ABUSE OF PROCESS for the purpose of her criminal ruse.  LOOK AT THE PHOTOS! 

Listen closely to the deposition:  At minute 8:57 Slay advises she was plundering through the “Mobile Attics” (out buildings on the property) looking for things to sell in her yard sale!!  THIS IS THEFT!!!  The original trespass notice was for THEFT and VANDALISM.


Notice in Slay’s “Impact Statement” she refers to “Pots and Pans” she has missing.  Note at minute 8:57 in her deposition she mentions items in the out buildings she was looking to remove for sale were POTS AND PANS!  She was stealing and selling POTS AND PANS.  She had no pots or pans except what she stole from the adjacent property!

Note: Witness Justin Hurst will attest that Slay often steals kitchen items, pots and pans, and other such things to make money.  As a named witness call him in and explore the credibility of your claimant.  THIS IS A CRIMINAL PLOT.  The State is facilitating a criminal plot.

Note:  In Slay’s texts of May 8,9, 10 she states that she has already begun removing items from the house?  Which items would a woman or anyone normally remove first?  You can expect those items to be gone, AS WILL THE JURY!!  She stole items from herself.  She staged a crime scene! 

Notice from the phone messages, following Washington County’s attempt to serve the UNLAWFUL warrant based on FALSE CHARGES/FALSE STATEMENTS as outlined herein, someone named “Jennifer” calls advising they are coming to get some things, specifically coming to get children’s clothes WHICH ARE SAID TO BE MISSING!...........Note further the phone calls come directly in between the attempt to serve warrant phone call and the Sheriff’s office call regarding my personal property stolen by Jackson County Sheriff.  Was that Slay?  Was she operating in violation of the Court/State’s directive?  Why was she trying to locate Whidden?

Upon locating Whidden, Slay called law enforcement July 30, 2015 and steered law enforcement in and was present at the arrest.  Whidden reported the property burglarized and left open upon release from jail on the morning of July 31.

On August 1, 2015 against terms of Conditional release Jackson County Sheriff department representing the State’s Attorney office went on to the property in violation of order and further corrupted evidence and inventory of items.

An estimated five break-ins were reported to Jackson County Sheriff department between July 30 and August 5, 2015.

Following August 3-5, 2015 photos of property abandoned in the rain were taken outside the dwelling.  It appeared the materials were clothing and electronics.  Some of the items stored in other dwellings were stolen or left on the doorsteps following an attempt to remove them apparently by Slay and her accomplices.

While Slay attempted to reside on the property.  There was a host of vandalism and theft to the adjacent properties.  Eventually strange items believed stolen began to appear on the property as did evidence of meth production operations.  This was reported to law enforcement and owner was told to dispose of the material.  No report(s) were written it seems in many of these instances. 

Slay knew there was stolen material in the outer lying buildings on the property because her and her accomplices had stashed stolen goods in the “Mobile Attics” and other properties on the place.  Slay’s attempts to get law enforcement to investigate the other buildings was likely an attempt to frame the owner for her thefts.  Recall Slay has a long history of thefts and crimes.

Since Slay departed the property the production problems and existence of Meth remnants has stopped.  Since her departure, the thefts and vandalism have stopped.  Since her departure the original WFECA account has had no known outages or problems.  The animals Slay endangered by cutting off and consuming power/water resources to the animals has been uninterrupted since her departure.


Note from the “Narrative” portion of the Sheriff Department file it begins on 12 May 2015.  The officer receiving the report alleges statements made by Slay apparently as outlined above and demonstrated to be false.

Note in the “Narrative” it alleges that Slay “turned over the text messages she had on her phone…….”………….HOWEVER Slay failed to give all the messages, hence FRAUD of CONCEALMENT as demonstrated from Whidden’s phone and evidenced in the State’s Attorney file.  Slay advises on May 11, 2015 text that she will attempt something “Dirty” in retaliation using law enforcement.  LOOK AT THE TEXTS!  The “Dirty” act seems a criminal conspiracy to EXTORT money.


The Narrative of the Sheriff Department advises “Slay turned over photo the text messages she had on her phone along with photos of the lock to the property.”……………The Sheriff Narrative indicates there is/was likely no investigation.  The photos were taken from a known criminal, and the photos once again demonstrate Slay had access to the property and likely locked the gate and photographed it on her way out.  This is Criminal Conspiracy rooted in Fraud…………Note Slay failed to give the officer any of the texts referring to the Meth Lab, Meth production, meth problems, OR any of the messages referring to her removal of her personal property.  This is clearly concealment, and if a person was party to the related crimes they would not likely turn the messages over to law enforcement.  The absence of critical messages/texts implicates Slay in far more than the crimes within this statement/narrative.


In the Narrative the officer quotes hearsay information within the text.  The officer needs to provide proof that an officer under his direction ever spoke to the owner.  The absence of this information not only corroborates the lies of Slay, but it indicates the Sheriff department is stretching to facilitate this crime.  This will be brought out as needed regarding the Sheriff department.  (See State’s Attorney filing).


In the Narrative of the Sheriff department the officer alleges to have initiated contact with the property owner on May 12, 2015.  The officer advises “Whidden…………would not return any calls.”………This is actually a lie and misrepresentation on a number of levels.  Without addressing all the issues at hand the State’s Attorney file reflects accurately that Whidden returned via email and Internet (Sheriff’s portal) at 0637 on May 18th, 2015, from ALASKA.  This was not inserted in to the State’s Attorney file until Whidden sent it in through the Sheriff Department.  The documents filed and time/date stamped at the State’s Attorney office are dated May 21, 2015.  Lieutenant Birge has clearly lied for some reason either because he was knowingly covering up the facts, or there is/was some other level of incompetence or corruption in the system.  This is in part addressed in an August filing within the State’s Attorney file.


Sheriff’s Narrative is in error:  The May 13, 2015 reference jumps from an accusation by a criminal known to be a criminal by the officer accepting the statement to a statement as if it were fact indicating “property can be accessed due to Whidden locking the property”………… A couple of things can be seen here.  A “Freudian slip” by an officer not believing Slay’s story uses the word “can” instead of the words “cannot”…………Also, the assumption is that “Whidden locking the property” is an accurate statement.  For the purposes of this case the State’s Attorney must prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and very simply they cannot do that.













LIST OF WITNESSES UPDATED for Court on 11/17/2015

Please send notice of deposition to all those listed below.  We will need a minimum 1 hour for each deposition with some potentially taking a half a day or longer.  I will have to reserve the right to examine and/or cross examine each one for an entire day at trial.  Each person will be retained throughout trial in the event they need to be re-examined at another juncture in the trial.

1)   Larry Birge, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664,  Birge/Berges took the initial statements from the complainant, appears to have not actually “investigated” anything and appears to have filed the formal charges (unsubstantiated) with the State’s Attorney office.  Birge/Berges later received a list of substantiated charges against the complainant which have made their way to the State’s Attorney file however the Complainant in that related case is being afforded none of the rights stipulated under law for a victim of a crime.  Birge/Berges plays a role in both the pursuit of false charges, and failure to pursue substantiated charges.  Birge/Berges failed to supply the State’s Attorney office and/or file with the defendant’s 5/18/2015 response sent from Alaska.  The Sheriff department has as yet still failed to complete this aspect of their file.  This is material mishandling of documents and may constitute Fraud.

2)   Head Deputy Donnie Branch, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664, Donnie Branch was party to no fewer than two meetings at the Sheriff Department in Jackson County in which this case was discussed.  Branch taunted the Defendant in the offices of Larry Birge/Berges in the presence of Birge.  Branch encouraged the Defendant to “Go ahead and sue the Sheriff and the Department”.   Branch demonstrated reckless and criminal behavior in these procedings/meetings.  Donnie Branch was party to electronic exchanges (two) with the Defendant while Defendant was in Alaska.  The State’s file, Sheriff’s file and such can verify same using the IP Address for both access to the Sheriff’s information portal online and via IP address for email exchange between Branch/Whidden.  Branch in stating that he would forward the exchange and information to the proper party appears to have partied with someone in Fraud as to date the Sheriff department have not seen to it that this document has made it to the State’s Attorney file.  As Branch advised in an email exchange he would conduct himself properly and did not, this may be multiple counts of Wire Fraud.  Branch and Birge/Berges are concealing material information, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and committing felony fraud at a minimum.  This behavior continues with the evidence tampering at the time of reporting(5/18/2015), time of arrest(7/30/2015), and time of property removal(7/31-8/1/2015).  This amounts to a scheme to defraud.

3)   Deputy Ethan Ellerbee, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664

Deputy Ellerbee attended numerous times at the subject property in regards to the Crystal Meth production issues, hazardous material issues, and trespass issues.  He attended multiple times in April and May at a minimum and may have material testimony to the actual situation.

4)   Deputy Eric Lawrence, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664, Deputy Lawrence has attended the property multiple times as well as adjacent properties on related and unrelated issues that may shed light on this situation.

5)   Sargent Shane Tipton- Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664, According to Jackson County Law enforcement (office of Larry Birge) Shane Tipton was the deputy who attended with Jennifer Slay for the removal of goods from the property on or about July 31, 2015.  Tipton attended in violation of the “Condition of Release” for Whidden.  He fulfilled a malicious act of “Contempt of Court” and violation of an order, trespass restrictions and facilitated a host of problems including but not limited to the tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, etc as outlined in the State’s Attorney file in August 2015.

6)   Deputy Lee, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664,  Deputy Lee is mentioned by the complainant several times it seems in exchanges where the complainant was receiving legal guidance from law enforcement.  Lee is mentioned by the Defendant specifically as someone potentially practicing law without a license in giving this person potentially inaccurate legal advice.  This inaccurate advice actually opened the door for a host of felony abuses.  Evidence in the case suggests that there are/were familial connections used at the Sheriff department for granting favors.  This likely will explain the host of felony activity within this case.

7)   Investigator Quinton Hollis, Jackson County Sheriff Department, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 (850)482-9664, Quinton Hollis was the arresting officer on July 30, 2015 who picked the Defendant up at/near his residence.  Quinton Hollis in so doing exercised a potentially unlawful arrest, access, search, and seizure of property.  Sargent Hollis removed property from the Defendant that has not been returned at this time.  Sargent Hollis had the Defendant’s vehicle towed against his wishes and stated desires to the Sheriff department.  Sargent Hollis retained personal property of the Defendant’s following arrest and booking.  On July 31, 2015 following release from arraignment, Sargent Hollis met with Defendant at a local gas station to return certain personal property that had gone astray from the arrest/file.  Sargent Hollis attended location of a Meth Lab dumping sight on the same day with Defendant.  Dumping site was the dwelling in question subject to all this discussion.  The Complainant was residing for a time in a dwelling with flowing waste evidencing potential Meth Operations.  Sargent Hollis was possibly the fifth officer attendance at the property in that regard.  Sargent Hollis on July 31, 2015 allegedly filed report of same and condition of the dwelling as ransacked and left open while Defendant was incarcerated.  The personal property of Defendant has not been returned, nor made available to the owner.

8)   Justin Hurst, 7080 Gilley Road, Grand Ridge, Florida (Works at the State Hospital in Chattahoochee) (850)663-7729 (Florida State Hospital food service vendor, Aramark), Hurst as personal first hand knowledge of the crime, crimes, criminals, and at one time agreed to testify as to the character of same.

9)   James Michael Slay (Possible Deadbeat husband of Jennifer Slay caught on recording threatening to deny others access to the property.)(The State’s Attorney has contact information for James Slay through her child support cases.)From the phone number 850-363-7200 and other phone numbers a person alleging to be a husband/ex-husband of Jennifer Slay involved themselves both verbally, via text, and via voice mail in the Meth Lab issues and other related issues.  Threatening messages in this regard have been submitted to the State’s Attorney office in 4 ways to insure proper documentation due to criminal file mishandling by the State.  (It is anticipated that this witness and others may have outstanding warrants for child support and other issues.  They appear to have a habit of missing court appearances, failing to show for subpoenas, etc.  Whereas they may have an axe to grind with the complainant/defendant, they may have a corrupted legal status on their own.  Such is the nature of the people one associates.) (James Michael Slay is party to Florida Department of Revenue case 11-005, cse 1279837292, as defendant, Jennifer Slay vs James Slay, in which James Slay was said to owe over $14,000 in back child support and was held in contempt for not showing.  Jennifer Slay initiated action against James Slay apparently while “hiding out” at the Pollywog Lane address.  As the “Pollywog Predator” Jennifer Slay drew in her ex-husband when their Meth Production issues were brought to attention of others.)

10)                      Jeremy Tolbert (Possible Deadbeat husband of Jennifer Slay caught on recording threatening to deny others access to the property.)(The State’s Attorney has contact information for Jeremy Tolbert through her child support cases.)  From the phone number 850-363-7200 and other phone numbers a person alleging to be a husband/ex-husband of Jennifer Slay involved themselves both verbally, via text, and via voice mail in the Meth Lab issues and other related issues.  Threatening messages in this regard have been submitted to the State’s Attorney office in 4 ways to insure proper documentation due to criminal file mishandling by the State. (It is anticipated that this witness and others may have outstanding warrants for child support and other issues.  They appear to have a habit of missing court appearances, failing to show for subpoenas, etc.  Whereas they may have an axe to grind with the complainant/defendant, they may have a corrupted legal status on their own.  Such is the nature of the people one associates.)

11)                      Charles Pumphrey, 5355 Spring Cemetary Rd in Marianna, Florida 32446, (850) 209-2311, (850) 526-2166; Depose Sr and Jr.   Pumphrey is named as an accomplice by Slay in her deposition.  Pumphrey is a friend and horse riding companion of Attorney H. Guy Green.  In a related case against Guy Green it is/was a requirement on October 8, 2015 at a minimum for Guy Green to recuse himself from the file when he learned his buddy was lead witness opposing him in this case.  Green’s failure in his fiduciary duties and/or collusion was evident prior to this recorded discovery, yet became eminent as other failures followed.  Pumphrey and all the above named persons will likely be named in that case as well.

12)                      Jennifer Slay, (The State’s complainant), address unknown.  This is the State’s only witness/complainant.  Clearly her position (and theirs) is compromised.  Said to reside with “husband” Tony Edge at: 3183 SandRidge Church, Sneads.  Slay has been accused in the State file of 20+ felony issues however the State has not afforded the Defendant protections under the laws of the State of Florida.  The State appears to be partying with a criminal conspiracy, extortion, fraud, and a host of charges/issues listed in the State file in August of 2015 and additional charges not listed as yet.

13)                      The Two little girls (Shit bucket carriers) Riley Slay (7) and Taylor Tolbert (12), children of the Jennifer Slay.  I do not have a present address for Slay, but the State should have this for her, her kids, and her husbands.  Note Slay did not give you all of her names/aliases in the deposition.  Said to reside with Jennifer Slay and Tony Edge at: 3183 SandRidge Church, Sneads.  These young ladies have not only sustained substantial abuses at the hands of the State and the complainant, but they are party to and subject to numerous references and sympathies of the court and file.  These young ladies have something to add to this discussion.

14)                      Randy Weeks, West Florida Electric, 850-593-6491, 8292 hwy 90, Sneads, Florida  (Randy Weeks is the person on the phone to find and advise of the locked gate following the lock placed on the gate by Slay and her accomplices per all the evidence.  This is criminal extortion.  A recorded voice message from Randy Weeks as submitted to the State appears first notice to the owner that the gate was locked.) (WFECA, 805 St Johns Road, Sneads, Florida 32460, (800)342-7400)

15)                      Stacey Goodson, Jackson County Probation office, Office of Judge Wade Mercer, Ground Floor Courthouse, Marianna, Florida, 850-482-9670  (Stacey Goodson was used by the State to perpetrate their crime.  Goodson is on recording ordering Whidden to call in.  Goodson ordered Whidden to unlock the gate at Pollywog Lane on the morning of July 31, 2015.  Violation of the Court order as agreed followed with Goodson furthering the ruse of the State.)  Goodson’s paperwork (Condition of Release) emphasizes that goods were not to be removed from the property without notification of Whidden for attendance.  Note paragraph N of the Condition of Release documents.   Goodson’s order opened the door for the Sheriff as agent for the State’s Attorney office to tamper with evidence, obstruct justice, and a host of charges as found in the State’s file in August 2015.   As a result of this act and others there is no means for anyone to acknowledge and account for inventories of the alleged crime.  This kills the case for all involved.

16)                      Judge Wade Mercer, Jackson County Court House, Office of Judge Wade Mercer, Ground Floor Courthouse, Marianna, Florida, 850-482-9670.  Judge Mercer presided over the violated conditional release.  Failure to comply with the Conditional release corrupted inventory of the alleged stolen goods and violated numerous other issues.  Violation allowed the State/County to facilitate theft of Whidden’s personal property.

17)                      We will need to depose everyone (EVERYONE!) in the Arraignment video of July 30, 2015, including the Judge, Public Defender and the State’s Attorney representative.  As that Court Order was violated constituting Evidence Tampering, Contempt of Court, and Violation of a Court order they will need to explain how this went sideways, and why they have forfeited the defendants ability to witness, inventory, photograph, establish possession, ownership, and valuation.  Yes, their violation ends this case as any moron can see. The State violated their own agreement within hours of making the agreement.  This is clearly an ethics violation and will potentially be filed accordingly.  State’s Attorney incompetence and corruption in this regard opens the door for a landmark legal case charging the State’s Attorney for Abuse of Process/Malicious Prosecution, because their violation/contempt oversteps their protections under those laws.

18)                      We will need the name of the attending deputy at the property removal presumed to have occurred on July 31, 2015.  As he partied with the above persons in the theft of goods and committed numerous crimes he will necessarily have to be charged.  Please find out who attended and have subpoena served.  Please let me know when you find out who that was.  As he was indirectly appointed by the State and fulfilled their theft, trespass, and violation of the defendant per the State’s Attorney file as far back as August 2015, then they should subpoena him as a witness as well.

19)                      Slay’s statements indicate that she removed items on May 8, 9, and 10, 2015.  She indicates there was law enforcement on the 10th.  Who was that?  They need to be deposed.  Clearly removal of items obscures her alleged inventory and the testimony of her “witnesses”.  Clearly these statement from the complainant end her case/ruse, but the State’s Attorney office and their continued corruption and incompetence may fail to heed this, thus furthering the obstruction, harassment, and abuse charges.

20)                      Wade Owen, Public Defender, Wade Owen was party to the violated Court Order for Conditional Release on July 31, 2015.  Acting as public defender he both negotiated this and was party to it on telephonic discussions (likely recorded) and video.

21)                      H.Guy Green, 4387 Clinton Street, Marianna, Florida 32446, 850-526-3707  (Yes, Mr. Green, you will be held as a witness in the trial to advise how it got this far out of alignment from reality.  I have reserved the right to terminate your “services”.  Your depositions should prove helpful in that regard as you appear lost in Landlord-Tenant discussion.  You have been advised numerous times this is a “Grand Theft” case.  You seem to keep missing that.  If we continue to discuss this case without moving towards resolution it appears flawed and in your favor, not mine.)(You have already stated that you derive income by dragging this out.  This is a severe ethics violation putting your interests ahead of those of the client and the State.)  Green seems to have a problem fulfilling his fiduciary duties, maintaining proper files and filing and maintaining attorney client privilege information.  Green’s conflict of interest was evident early on and he failed to recuse himself from the file, he continued facilitating a criminal conspiracy to which he appears party to.

22)                    Tony Edge, allegedly a “husband” according to service order of subpoena for Jennifer Slay’s deposition. Edge is said to reside at: 3183 SandRidge Church, Sneads.  (Possible Deadbeat husband of Jennifer Slay caught on recording threatening to deny others access to the property.)  From the phone number 850-363-7200 and other phone numbers a person alleging to be a husband/ex-husband of Jennifer Slay involved themselves both verbally, via text, and via voice mail in the Meth Lab issues and other related issues.  Threatening messages in this regard have been submitted to the State’s Attorney office in 4 ways to insure proper documentation due to criminal file mishandling by the State.  (It is anticipated that this witness and others may have outstanding warrants for child support and other issues.  They appear to have a habit of missing court appearances, failing to show for subpoenas, etc.  Whereas they may have an axe to grind with the complainant/defendant, they may have a corrupted legal status on their own.  Such is the nature of the people one associates.)

23)                      County “Investigator” Mr. Glass, Glass involved himself in the case as early/late as November 2, 2015 while discussing another issue in the Courthouse Mr. Glass inserted himself in to a conversation in which he had no place and advised certain “matter of fact” like opinions, predispositions, and conditions of the “Grand Theft” case which he claimed to have knowledge/insights on.  He further indicated there had been meetings and discussion at the Sheriff Department that may have bearing on these proceedings and the criminal nature of the case.  Glass has been part and party to serving subpoenas, notices, and other material documents within this and other issues giving him unique insights to the situation.




Conditional Release

WFECA Power Bill produced for H.Guy Green at our first meeting.  It should have been offered to the State file in September 2015.




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