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CASE NO: 15-276CF

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden








            The undersigned Defendant, THEODORE L. WHIDDEN files this Notice of Unavailability on the dates of February 14, 15, 22, 23, and 33, 2016. 

Pretrial and thus trial will have to be canceled.

            I have had a relapse in a PTSD condition (appears to be hypercortisol related) I am dealing with and I must go away to seek a means to deal with this.  Much of the effect is Court driven due to the Bad Faith, Malicious Prosecution, Corruption, and Incompetence noted throughout these proceedings.  I have been patient awaiting process to work out the bugs for these foul individuals, yet it appears the whole entity and system is foul.  The Court and its officers are Corrupt at each turn.  Surely you can see this as any spectator can recognize this as well.  The Court noted by way of Officers Laura Wahlquist (States Attorney) and Judge Shonna Young Gay that I may not have been stable mentally as stated in the 1/19/2016 hearing.   If this were not true the statements of the Prosecution were lies, the attempt at testing was harassment, and abuse, and the Court is going along with this charade.  Clearly Wahlquist has no case and she is fishing.   Clearly the goal of Wahlquist and this Court is to further their RICO Act violations.   Clearly the time granted for her continued fishing opportunity is needed for her to find CAUSE and a Case. 

            Emergency Change of Venue due to corruption and the threat of safety of the Defendant and others has been put before the Court.  This needs to be ruled upon.

            This delay gives the Judge opportunity to do the right thing and throw this frivolous case out, or to take action and get more deeply entangled in her friend’s mistakes.  It seems fair at some level to give everyone a chance to repent of their sins before federal prosecution.  This is yours.  This will not absolve the Court, Judge or anyone involved in the RICO Act investigation and filings to follow.  Nothing will deter that action.  So far the State has been offered the opportunity at several levels to address this mess, but it seems business as usual is rooted in corruption.

The Defendant has repeatedly asked for Speedy Trial pursuant to law.  These written and verbal requests date all the way back to September and have been repeated often.  There are no deals, no deals possible.  The only way the State can resolve this is drop it or go to trial.

The Court gave the Prosecution a “Continuance” in November without notice or explanation to the Undersigned/Defense.  This is clearly evidenced by the Undersigned showing up for the Pre-trial as scheduled in November 2015.  At which time the Court appointed Public Pretender H. Guy Green advised the Undersigned he should have notified Defendant but did not.  You can check your recordings for that date.  Delays from October at a minimum are for the State.  The ineptitude of H. Guy Green has been outlined many times in many ways.  Any failure on his part to file proper paperwork for Speedy Trial is for the State’s account who appointed, directed, and facilitated his incompetence apparently as matter of routine.  Initial Sanctions requests have not been addressed by the Court.  The damages for the original failures continue to mount as we can all see.  H. Guy Green’s inept handling will cost the State this case even if they had one to substantiate.

The Undersigned has been patient with an unexplained “Continuance” granted to Prosecution on November 6, 2015 that has delayed us until now awaiting “Speedy Trial”.  The Undersigned has been patient awaiting documents from Prosecution per request handed to Laura Wahlquist on that same day.  All delays are for the Prosecution.  The ongoing delay is still for Prosecution as Wahlquist has failed in her obligation(s) to provide Defense with documents per “Brady Disclosure”, 14th Amendment, Special Rules for Prosecutors, and Rules of Advocacy.  This Frivolous Case is OVER as a result.  Watch and see.

This notice is posted some 14 days before “Pretrial” meanwhile the “Continuance” that brought us here was filed less than 9 days prior to the original “Pretrial”.  That “Continuance” was granted by the Court allegedly with cause.  This request is actually part of the same request as we cannot go to trial until the Prosecution fulfills request of 11/6/2015 that gave rise to these delays.  The Defense still awaits information as required and requested from the very meeting that initiated this long, unproductive delay period.  As the Prostitution has obtained almost 90 days to study the documents presented to them, the Defense may need 90 days to study the appropriate documents when provided.  In either event the Prosecution has violated the Speedy Trial rights of the Defendant.  In violating the Speedy Trial rights they facilitated this by committing Fraud by way of Concealment and broke numerous rules/laws as explained under RICO.

            As the Prosecution has departed from their lawful purposes and pursuits any and all actions are deemed to be ABUSE OF PROCESS and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION subject to federal prosecution.  The State and County really need to weigh the economies of attempting to move forward.

The corruption, lack of professional integrity and knowledge of process by these State appointed attorneys has delayed process substantially.  Review of my file shows representatives of the State are withholding documents required under the U.S. Constitution, Special Rules of Prosecutors and Rules of Advocacy.  Once these are received then I will advise if/when we can resume.  There will be no meetings needed until I receive and review those documents so the entire case will have to be postponed awaiting Prosecution to Comply with requests that are approaching three months old.  If I must refile those requests I shall.  Meanwhile the file(s) and filings appear to have not been read or responded to.  Numerous “Rules” have been ignored by the Prostitution.

            The filing and service of this Notice shall constitute an application and request for continuance, extension of time, and/or protective order as appropriately required for the above reasons.  Those reasons being primarily awaiting documents requested 11/6/2015 or thereabouts, before and after.   Speedy Trial was requested in mid October 2015 as evidenced in part in the filing for Pretrial and Trial at that time.  The condition of the Undersigned is directly related to these and other corruptions of process affecting the life and lifestyle of the Undersigned.  As a result this “Continuation” forced upon the case is a direct resultant of the Prosecution’s failure to comply with Rules associated with their last (11/6/2015) Continuance.  We still await their compliance in the face of yet another of their failures in their fiduciary responsibilities to the Defendant and the State.  This is harassment, Abuse of Process, and Prosecutorial Misconduct as we have seen throughout.  That makes their delay another form of RICO Act violation at the State and Federal level.





All responses heretofore to be directed to: THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, PLAINTIFF in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF;  P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428, Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]


I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office and State Legal Representation via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention:


Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162;

Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

Attention Glenn Hess, States Attorney Florida Bar # 287806

Herman Laramore, Public Defender Bar #131906

Pam Bondi, Attorney General, Florida Bar # 886440

Elijah Smiley, Chief Justice 14th Judicial, Florida Bar # 508918

FBI, Regional Office

Publicly made available.


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                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




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