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Copy of this filing accompanied a lawful Ethics Filing with the Florida Bar ACAP system for complaints against attorneys and members of the Florida Bar.  This filing formed the substance of filings against Glenn L. Hess, States Attorney, 14th Judicial Circuit.




CASE NO: 15-276CF

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden










Notice of:








FRAUD (By way of Concealment)




















RICO ACT (State and Federal) VIOLATIONS






This filing is made “Pro Se” by the undersigned in hopes that the State Court as listed above and the Honorable Judge Shonna May can intervene in the train wreck of malicious prosecution attempted by the State/County in this case, and redirect to the appropriate authorities.

The Defendant as a victim of a host of crimes by the State and County does not feel safe doing business within Jackson County or their Courts.  A wide array of deceptions, conspiracies and corruption has been uncovered.  If the Judge/Court was unaware of the runaway corruption within this Court and its officers, then it is now being made aware through this and numerous other filings.

The Undersigned made lawful request/demand for copies of the legal file as it pertains to this matter.  The Rules of Advocacy require this copy to be provided.   The failure of the States Attorney (and the Public Defender for that matter) in their duties including providing copy of file when requested constitutes a “HONEST SERVICES FRAUD” under Florida Law.   The STATE file has been requested from the STATE employee, Anna Maria Garcia and Laura Wahlquist, who initiated STATE charges against the Undersigned under the “Color of Law” with the intent to abuse (Prosecutorial Misconduct).  These attorneys were appointed by the STATE. 

As the Court may recall, H. Guy Green as employed by the STATE withdrew himself with permission granted by the STATE COURT in a case where the STATE appointed Public Defender failed substantially in his fiduciary responsibilities.  H.Guy Green was accused of partnering with (COLLUSION) the States Attorney in their Criminal Conspiracy to harass and abuse a citizen using their position (MALICIOUS PROSECUTION) against a citizen of the State.  THIS IS CLEARLY A FEDERAL AND STATE VIOLATION.  (This is clearly a FEDERAL and STATE RICO Act conspiracy operated by the State.)

Green, Garcia, and Wahlquist continue their original ruse using ABUSE OF PROCESS to agitate and harass the undersigned.  Additional charges are made this day against Green for his continued collusion and incompetence. 

Note attached the lawful request of the full and complete file requesting all documents, phone notes, recordings, documents, etc.  This notice was sent to STATE on 12/16/2015 via their recognized agent (An Accomplice in the ruse, Lt Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office). 

Note attached the copy of lawful request by the undersigned.  No response has been received as of the date of this filing.

The Florida Rules for Advocacy require the STATE to provide a copy of their file on demand.  As their agents have failed, the State has failed.  It is a requirement that file copy is provided when requested/demanded and they failed.  Failure in this way furthers the ongoing schemes to delay and intimidate via the efforts at Racketeering/Organized Scheme (See RICO Act filing to follow).  Providing the file does not resolve the charges listed herein and elsewhere, but does serve to allow the legal process to move along.  Since Garcia and Wahlquist have partied to block process this is clearly obstruction of justice and likely tampering with evidence.


It is well past time for Glenn Hess (States Attorney) to intervene as requested in November 2015.  As Glenn Hess, Garcia, Wahlquist and others have been adequately advised all along, I consider notice of the Agent to be notice to the Principle.  Glenn Hess as an agent of the State and as Principle named as States Attorney is equally responsible for this reckless abuse of process by his office.  As he appointed and directed Garcia and Wahlquist  they likely partner in these corrupt schemes over a long period of time.  For some reason Garcia, Wahlquist, and apparently Hess appears to think he is above the law.

The State lacks a case of substance and appears to be going to irregular lengths at Extortion to further their Criminal Conspiracy, their Scheme to Defraud and other such issues listed herein and elsewhere.  The State clearly lacks substance to try this case in Court, and are playing a dangerous game with the freedom of others.   A request for Emergency Change of Venue is being prepared to protect all those involved, including the Defendant who has been subjected to numerous criminal offenses as outlined in the States Attorney file and elsewhere.  The FBI, FDLE, Attorney General and others should quickly see the abuses outlined.

On December 15, 2015 Attorney H. Guy Green as appointed as Public Defender by the State to represent the undersigned withdrew from the case.  Green’s stated reason was a result of the displeasure of the undersigned as client for the legal services provided.   Quite specifically Green was caught in Collusion with the States Attorney to the detriment of the authority of the Court, to the Defendant, and was seen to be a liability to the State.  As investigations will show in October/November 2015 the undersigned requested that the criminally operating Guy Green make a “Request for Emergency Change of Venue” due to the widespread corruption in the Case, in the County, and the Court.  Once again Green failed in his fiduciary duties in failing to make this request.   Clearly part of the corruption is Garcia and Wahlquist themselves operating as an agent for Glenn Hess and the State.  

Two months it seems has passed since the original request for change of venue and a host of schemes and deceptions have continued, with new aspects and schemes commencing.  Thus far it seems everyone for the State and for the County have committed substantial felony offenses.  The list of witnesses in the States’ file submitted by the undersigned as well as filings lists dozens of offenses for each person and person group.   It seems routine in the State’s slipshod, corrupt processes.  Some are outlined in other filings within this case.  Many are outlined in the States Attorney file demonstrating they have been given ample notice.  Still more will be listed herein to give the Judge/Court the opportunity to absolve themselves from entanglement in this reckless abuse of the legal system.

                The State (States Attorney office) partnering with the State (Public Defender Office) to cause undue harm to a citizen causes the State Court to lose jurisdiction and authority.  This is now a Federal (RICO Act Racketeering) matter and it is mandated that this Court/Judge notify proper Federal authorities, initiate investigation, and work towards prosecution of the State and County to protect the rights of all involved.

As we move along it is clear the Court in which this has been launched is likely out of its authority, element, and jurisdiction.  This likely became a Federal matter as soon as the State legal representatives began partying to affect the life and livelihood of a citizen.  By the first week of August 2015 it is clear based on the States Attorney file that they were knowingly breaking the law.  It is clear in the States Attorney file that the Judge and all involved were notified sufficiently by August 10, 2015 this was a RICO Act case, albeit those words were not used.  The substance of the August 7 letter received August 10, 2015 by the States Attorney put everyone on notice including the Judge.  Green worked with them to further this scheme.  This is clearly a violation of Civil Rights via the U.S. Code title 42 section 1983 at a minimum.  By using their office and opportunity to bring about unlawful hindrances of personal rights this escalated out of their own jurisdiction and authority at or immediately after the filing of the initial unsubstantiated, frivolous complaint.  Clearly the Court must now invite Federal oversight to this case and turn the records and officers over for Federal prosecution.

I reserve the right to amend any and all filings as well as bringing additional filings as deemed necessary.  In the meantime this harassment/abuse is costing me substantial hardship financially, physically, and otherwise.

Notification of the Agent signifies notification of the Principal.  Notification of the Principal signifies notification of the Agent.





I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162; Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention Glenn Hess, States Attorney

Herman Laramore, Public Defender Bar #131906

Pam Bondi, Attorney General

FBI, Regional Office

Publicly made available.

                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CA; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




An Abused Member of the Public









CASE NO: 15-276CF

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden







Addendum to






The Defendant files “Pro Se” as Public Pretender was removed from case for apparently admitting his failure of his fiduciary duties, and as the Undersigned has not chosen to appoint counsel of any form as yet.

1)      State’s Attorney knowingly and with forethought is operating as central figure in a Criminal Conspiracy of their own making as outlined in their own file and in part in various Ethics Filings made against Ana Maria Garcia (Florida Bar 577162) and the Ethics Filing Against Laura Wahlquist (Florida Bar 87776).

2)      Prior to this Addendum a filing was made on 12/14/2015 regarding Prosecutorial Misconduct.  This shall serve as an addendum AND PROOF that the Honorable Shonna Gay and the State’s Attorney team were advised as far back as August 7, 2015 of the ongoing Prosecutorial Misconduct, Abuse of Process, Malicious Prosecution, etc.  This actually serves an early, effective notice, AND demonstrates all subsequent abuses were with knowledge and forethought.  Clearly this is all needed for a conviction of the claimed charges by the undersigned.  As we roll in to 2016 the abuses and costs simply grow.  The State’s case is Frivolous in nature as they have no means of proving any aspect of their case.  This makes the case itself harassment.  Clearly by way of sanction requests the undersigned has established a going rate for the waste of my personal and professional time.

3)      The attached documents help establish that the core case is FRIVOLOUS LITIGATION as the State has no opportunity to establish any form of loss, inventory, value, etc.   The State Attorney is failing in their fiduciary responsibility to the State to cut their losses in a case they cannot win.  Pursuit past the August 7, 2015 and other letters is clearly abuse and harassment by the State.   Attached first document is the “Conditional Release” as issued by the Court in agreement with the State noting Item “N” was violated as stipulated in the August 7, 2015 letter (second document).   Item “N” was violated (Contempt of Court) by agents of the States Attorney office within about 36 hours of them agreeing it.  This is clearly an ethics issue at minimum, and it serves to obscure any case they ever hoped to have.   They have known this since that time as “Time/Date stamp of their office shows it arrived August 10, 2015, “ yet continue to pursue their frivolous case.   These two documents (Conditional Release and August 7, 2015 Notice of Trespass) nearly guarantee a mistrial at best by the incompetent or corrupt State Attorney pursuits.  It was written and hopeful on August 7, 2015 that Judge Shonna Gay could see the impact of this even though the State cannot some 5 months later.  By making this post to file maybe someone will wake up.  The document used as attachment is clearly stamped with “received August 10, 2015”.  Any and all pursuits thereafter are frivolous and the Court should recognize it as such.

4)      For the sake of good order Item N of the Conditional Release issued July 30, 2015 states, “I agree to allow Jennifer Sley (SLAY) to come to my property under the supervision of Law Enforcement and retrieve any and all property of Jennifer Sley (SLAY), while I am present as well.”   Within 36 hours more or less of agreeing conditional release to include property owner notification of removal of goods the STATE arranged for COUNTY personnel to attend ignoring this stipulation.  Their attendance at my property is a violation of the Court Order, Contempt of Court, AND a Violation of the undersigned’s civil rights under the U.S. Constitution and likely constitutes Theft and a Host of Criminal Trespass and other issues by the State.

5)      Violation of the Conditional Release prejudices the State’s case.  You have all been advised multiple times now.  Only a criminal or incompetent could miss this at this point.

6)      A Criminal Conspiracy and Pattern of Conspiracy, Fraud, Theft, and Schemes to Defraud (Organized Fraud per Florida Law) are abundantly clear throughout the material mishandling and Criminal Mischief of the State’s Attorney office.  This is tantamount to PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT outside the scope and jurisdiction of their office/appointment.  Stipulated in August 7, 2015 and other filings.

7)      The Undersigned reserves the right to pursue herein mentioned offenses as it suits the undersigned/victim.  Possibilities for pursuit include but are not limited to:

A)     Organized Fraud (Scheme to Defraud) Multiplicands of Amounts per Communications Act

B)      Prosecutorial Misconduct

C)      Prosecutorial Misconduct by way of Frivolous Litigation

D)     Obstruction of Justice

E)      False Reporting/Hearsay

F)      Unlawful Arrest

G)     Unlawful Detainment

H)     Harassment

I)        Harassment (Detention)

J)       Harassment (Probation)

K)      Unlawful restriction of freedoms

L)       Unlawful requirement for reporting

M)   Unlawful Arrest, Search and Seizure

N)     Unlawful withholding of personal property

O)     Criminal Mischief (Multiple Counts)

P)      Violation of Court Order

Q)     Criminal Contempt of Court

R)      Tampering with Evidence

S)      Felony trespassing

T)      Burglary (Accomplice)

U)     Felony Grand Theft (Multiple Counts) (Accomplice)

V)     Breaking and Entering (Accomplice)

W)   Violation of Court Order (Multiple Counts)

X)      Unlawful Entry, Search, and Seizure

Y)      Trespassing (Accomplice)

Z)      Felony Trespass (Accomplice)

AA) Conspiracy to Defraud (Accomplice)

BB)  Violation of a written order for trespassing (Accomplice)

CC)  Failure to properly investigate

DD) Failure to properly control inventory in an alleged theft

EE)   Failure to properly manage crime scene

FF)   Failure to properly execute a Court Order

GG)            Tampering with Evidence (Accomplice)

HH) Abuse of Process

II)      Misprision of Felony (Accessory After the Fact)

JJ)     Compounding a Crime

KK)  Collusion

LL)    Collusion with a criminal (Aiding and Abetting)

MM)         Fraud (Accomplice)

NN)            Aiding and Abetting multiple frauds

OO)            Aiding and Abetting a Conspiracy to Defraud

PP)  Aiding and Abetting 24+ counts charged against Jennifer Slay

QQ)            Obstruction of Justice in accountability on the Jennifer Slay illicit drug scene investigation.

RR)  Obstruction of Justice in investigation of Jennifer Slay’s attempts to manufacture and distribute illicit drugs.

SS)   Obstruction of Justice on Child Abuse/Child Endangerment case as it regards Jennifer Slay and children.

TT)   Obstruction of Justice on behalf of Jennifer Slay vs Theodore Whidden, and Theodore Whidden vs Jennifer Slay

UU)            Obstruction of Justice, Failure to Initiate and follow through with Felony Fraud charges, case, and conviction on Jennifer Slay.

VV) Collusion with Jennifer Slay.

WW)         Collusion with H. Guy Green

XX)  Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

YY)   Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress


8)      State’s Attorney operatives are well outside their jurisdiction and lawful pursuit thus negating any perceived “protections” for their criminal activity, Abuse of Process,  Malicious Prosecution.  Clearly this is Prosecutorial Misconduct within the scope of this case and their general operations.

9)      Ana Maria Garcia is the supervisor of the reckless behavior of her subordinate Laura Wahlquist subject of additional filings, offenses and abuses.  As a supervisor and as someone duly advised previously Garcia has allowed the abuses herein and elsewhere to persist.  She is a primary criminal in the ruse, and an accomplice to Laura Wahlquist.

10)  Wahlquist has a host of problems in her methods, pursuits, files, and ability to pursue such frivolous cases as that we are dealing with listed above.

11)  State’s Attorney is furthering the Criminal Agenda of others including but not limited to a less than credible complainant who State knows filed false statements, is attempting extortion, fraud, and a host of abuses outlined in the State’s file.

12)  The State has used/abused County personnel and resources to further their criminal agenda.  This is outlined in part in the attached and elsewhere.

13)  The State has used the local Sheriff’s office unlawfully in connection with this case to block the undersigned’s access to personal property thus committing and further Civil Right violations under the U.S. Constitution.  These violations are outlined in part in additional filings with the State, and in the file of the Sheriff’s Office of Jackson County under the care of Larry Birge.

14)  The State has an obligation under law to protect those who are victims of a crime.  The State has been notified numerous times in numerous ways of crimes committed by the complainant and the State themselves as their agent, yet the State has failed to take early and/or substantial action against the criminal Jennifer Slay.

15)  As stated previously in Ethics (ACAP) filing against Garcia (and Wahlquist for that matter) with the Florida Bar, Garcia has facilitated violation of Florida Theft laws 812.014 (1) and (2)(c) (F3-L2) and (2)(c)(5) firearms in conjunction with this case.  Subject of additional filing(s).

16)  Four total Ethics filings have been filed thus far with the Florida Bar (ACAP) system for Garcia, Wahlquist in various combinations.  This filing will likely form “Addenda” to those filings numbered 5 and 6.  These filings with the “Bar” are for “Ethics” issues.  This poses no risk of Double Jeopardy, nor does Prosecutorial Misconduct in this instance.  This leaves the charges of Felony Grand Theft, Abuses, and other charges available as recourse for the victim.  Meanwhile, Prosecutorial Misconduct will serve to deliver a mis-trial at best if these crooked attorneys continue.  These filings actually establish a NEW CHARGE of a SCHEME FOR ORGANIZED FRAUD.  Subject to State of Florida Laws a SCHEME FOR ORGANIZED FRAUD is chargeable to the guilty once for each attempt to further their scheme.  This will be utilized to mushroom (SKYROCKET) the valuation of the case in multiples once a suitable, safe venue is found.  In part we will be utilizing Florida Code 817.034 “Organized Fraud Scheme” statutes.

17)  Further to the firearms theft and collusion with the unlawful activities of the Sheriff department as regards evidence tampering and obstruction of justice, Garcia and Wahlquist have violated the Civil Rights of the Undersigned pursuant to 42 U.S. Code 1983 of the U.S. Constitution.

18)  It appears 42 U.S. Code 1983 of the U.S. Constitution was potentially violated when agents of the State’s Attorney violated Item “N” in the Conditional Release and removed items unlawfully from undersigned’s property.  This poses a host of problems for the case such as Evidence Tampering and Obstruction of Justice.  This was all explained to the State in August 2015.  Apparently they cannot read.

19)  Indications of Collusion:  H. Guy Green is clearly either incompetent or corrupt.  His failures have bolstered the confidence of the criminally operating States Attorney group (Subject of additional Sanctions requests) and would appear that H. Guy Green is in cooperation as an accomplice in the States Attorney criminal conspiracy as outlined herein and elsewhere.

20)  Evidence of Collusion:  H. Guy Green’s file and the file of the State’s Attorney should reflect the undersigned requested an Emergency Change of Venue due to extensive corruption in Jackson County and their Court system.  As we move along we’ll see how this plays out.  Clearly the Court records will reflect request was made by the undersigned, and clearly it will reflect that H. Guy Green failed to request same.  Clearly we can all see it was a reasonable request.  It appears Collusion to keep it in a criminal arena where they can manipulate facts and minds.

21)  Following proper execution of Sanctions against the criminally operating State’s Attorney office and H. Guy Green the undersigned has requested Dismissal of this Case based on the grounds stated therein.  It is respectfully requested that Sanctions are charged first, lest charges will have to be considered in other (Federal?) venue bringing this Court in to poor view of the public eye.

Substantial offenses and detail follow in the attached eleven (11) page presentation to all listed including this Court dated August 7, 2015.  The establishment of the cost of waste, fraud, and abuse as we move along is important for all involved, yet the cost/loss is/was occurring irrespective of the attention to this detail prior to now.  The parties involved actually derive their income in part by agitating the lawful pursuits of others.  This is clearly ABUSE OF PROCESS, MALISCOUS PROSECUTION, PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, etc and they should be penalized at my rate of doing business. 

            Whereas it is anticipated that Garcia/Wahlquist will plead ignorant, incompetent,  under-informed, or corrupt, it is clear from a simple read of their file that they have been adequately informed all along (Noting AUGUST 7, 2015 letter and others!).  Further charges should be brought against the local Sheriff department for their ongoing ruse and conspiracy to defy truth and logic.  They are clearly operating as an accomplice and thus Aiding and Abetting the criminal nature of each other’s pursuits, while furthering their own criminal agenda.

            I request SANCTIONS in the amount of $2,310,000 of Ms Garcia and Wahlquist and their office based on the following calculation:

Please impose Sanctions on the office of Ana Maria Garcia/Laura Wahlquist and bar them from any further practice within this Court.  I reserve the right to pursue them personally, privately, and corporately.  As a result of their corruption, incompetence, and collusion the client/Defendant has lost a substantial amount of work due to abnormal delay of this frivolous case.  Five months of lost work for the client amounts to potentially $105,000 in lost income.  Expenses are high and presently the records shows that Whidden has more than $300,000 worth of real estate in Jackson County for sale as a result of the duress of this situation.  The Defendant has begun selling off tractors, farm assets, etc to cover overheads and expenditures.  The financial impact of the waste, fraud, and abuse within this Court system is substantial.

The State’s Attorney has operated in conjunction with H. Guy Green (thus Collusion) and will be similarly charged in a separate document.

The nature of the client/Defendant’s work is that he gets paid at the end of project.   If Defendant can get work back on track by January 2016, then it will likely be June 2016 before he gets paid.  As a result Defendant requests an additional six months wages ($126,000) in sanctions.

Sub-Total requested Sanctions $231,000

And of course for now we are multiplying the $231,000 times TEN for the twice monthly attempts for 5 months to delay and abuse the undersigned with frivolous Court proceedings (Pre-trial).  This brings us to Sanctions request against the State/County/Attorneys for $2,310,000

This figure will grow substantially as we move along using the Communications Act for Commercial Schemes to Defraud multiplier.  Ten is used herein to keep the calculation simple and to keep the pursuit interesting.  The effect of multiplier will likely double by the next filing.

            As we move along I reserve the right to initiate investigations as necessary including federal investigations for the substantial, long-standing, and seemingly routine abuse of this Court and its affiliates.  This should trouble no one if everything is proper, but it should trouble everyone based on behaviors witnessed thus far.  It is both my right and responsibility under Misprision of Felony statutes to expose the frivolous and criminal nature of these proceedings.


All responses heretofore to be directed to: THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, PLAINTIFF in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF;  P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428, Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]



I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162; Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

C/O Sheriff’s Office, Larry Birge, 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446

                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, PLAINTIFF in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CF; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




An Abused Member of the Public





Attachments:  Conditional Release noting Item “N” violated

                                August 7, 2015 letter to Court/State/County




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Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote concerning Pope v Illinois

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