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(Official Notice with Reservation to extend/modify pursuits as necessary)

This notice is to advise the following persons and entities of their personal and corporate involvement in Prosecutorial Misconduct, Abuse of Process, Criminal Mischief, Conspiracy, and a host of Civil/Criminal violations by you, your office, and your subordinates.  Both your actions and inactions serve to incriminate you and yours in an ongoing scheme of harassment(Conspiracy).  I am placing each of you on notice personally and corporately.  I reserve the right to extend the scope, depth, and persons/entities named as I see fit as this continuous Conspiracy to Abuse my Civil Rights continues.

Officers of the Court violated a Court Order issued by Judge Wade Mercer 8/30/2015.  Violation (Contempt of Court) occurred 8/31/2015), when the Sheriff’s Department as an agent of the State’s Attorney and Judge’s office violation the Court Order.  Failure to notify all parties and drop all frivolous charges, restrictions, and pursuits is a Misprision of Felony by all entities involved, both personally and corporately.

Your handling was bad before Contempt of Court was committed by officers/agents of the State’s Attorney’s office, but that clear violation not only intensifies the wanton and wasteful pursuits of your offices, but it completely disabled any possible “case” the State’s Attorney office had.  Your material mishandling is a violation of my rights (and the potential rights of Jennifer Slay for that matter.)

At present you are all being used in FELONIOUS PURSUITS as Cogs in a wheel of Injustice as the State’s Attorney’s Office uses you and your officers, and offices as agent for their felonious activities, some of which are outlined below.

At it’s foundation any moron (including those of the State’s Attorney’s office) should be able to see the initial charges, claims, statements were baseless and without merit at their inception.  They were made by people of questionable character, interest, and motives.   Further to this all actions subsequent to these frivolous claims were unlawful.  Unlawful actions/operations include Warrant, Unlawful Arrest, Detention, Unlawful Search and Seizure of property, Retention of Personal property.  Further still the unlawful actions of Law Enforcement by way of numerous acts of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Negligence puts the State/County in an unwinnable situation, with numerous infractions, violations, and methods of recourse available to Mr Whidden both now and in the future.  The ongoing use/misuse of the INJUSTICE system is clearly abuse of process, criminal mischief and a host of violations both listed herein and elsewhere.


Entities involved in the Crime Ring:

Understand that any/all pursuits to present and ongoing in related issues against Mr Whidden constitute WASTE, FRAUD, AND ABUSE or taxpayer resources.  Anyone of reasonable intelligence can see that this is a baseless pursuit, costing taxpayers(State/County) unnecessarily while consuming resources best suited for other worthwhile pursuits.

Sheriff Lou Roberts, Jackson County Sheriff Department ( The department as an entity) and those within the entity involved even superficially including but not limited to:  Lt. Larry Berges, Officer Quentin Hollis, and all attending officers per Sheriff department records at a minimum.  Jackson County law enforcement whereas have been reasonable at times in administering their tasks, must recognize in this instance they are a Cog in the wheel of INJUSTICE against a law abiding citizen.  It is a requirement for law enforcement to endeavor to document and reconcile this wrongdoing, lest they become party to the numerous crimes. (Thru Aiding and Abetting/Complicity each person and entity is responsible as if they committed the act themselves for partying with the perpetrator.) (Sheriff’s office as an agent of this and related injustices presently is unlawfully holding personal property of Mr. Whidden obtained thru dubious means.  This should be immediately returned to Mr. Whidden at his convenience/location.)

Stacey B. Goodson, Supervisor, Jackson County Probation Office, and the Jackson County Probation Office as an entity.  As Goodson and his office are being used as a tool for abuse in this string of crimes against an individual Goodson is deeply involved in the unlawful applications listed herein.  The restrictions placed wherever considered “lenient” or amenable by the State/County is of their opinion only.  Any restrictions on Mr. Whidden’s Civil rights and freedoms is unlawful and as we can see inappropriate.  Goodson, whereas has been pleasant and understanding in administering his tasks, he must recognize in this instance he is a Cog in the wheel of INJUSTICE against a law abiding citizen.  It is his call to endeavor to document and reconcile this wrongdoing, lest he become party to the numerous crimes.  (Thru Aiding and Abetting each person and entity is responsible as if they committed the act themselves for partying with the perpetrator.)  Despite any argument otherwise, probation and/or court processes are limiting Mr Whidden’s ability for gainful employment.  It is unjust and unlawful.  The State and County at a minimum are chargeable for lost revenues, expenses, and opportunities for Mr Whidden as this “fabric” used to entangle Whidden as if a crime was committed is limiting his activities.

Judge Wade Mercer, his office, and Staff:   For the benefit of the Judge and his office, the Court Order issued by your office 7/30/2015 was violated as listed herein.  The State Attorney, Sheriff and Jennifer Slay are in Contempt of Court.  (Failure of these people to notify you and remediate immediately is Misprision of Felony).  This may serve as the second (but surely not the first) notice to the Judge’s office of the legal indiscretions in this case.  Prior to this, notice was filed with his office and the Probation office.  This notice was filed 8/30/2015 before the Contempt violation outlined in brief herein.  The Judge and his office are being used as a Cog in the wheel of Injustice as the State’s Attorney office pursues an unsubstantiated, baseless case, without merit, which has been further compromised by the unlawful Court Order administration (Contempt of Court) committed by the State’s Attorney Office/Sheriff’s Office outlined herein.  The Judge’s office is presumably in some position of leadership or headship of this criminal operation.  Whereas they may or may not be actively involved in the Abuse of Process and harassment, the Court and Judge’s Office (The Judge for that matter) must acknowledge and act on the corrupt nature of these proceedings, lest they become party to thru Aiding and Abetting, Complicity, and Misprision of Felony. Through the Judge’s office/paperwork his accomplice (the Sheriff’s Department) is unlawfully holding personal property of Mr. Whidden’s which should be immediately and without delay returned. Despite any argument otherwise, probation and/or court processes are limiting Mr Whidden’s ability for gainful employment.  It is unjust and unlawful.  (For sake of good order this is in ref to Jackson County Court case 15000619MMAXMX.  In this case all charges should be dropped, and property returned without question, with charges stricken from record at County/State expense and effort.)

Honorable Judge Shonna Young Gay referencing case 15000276CFAXMX and her office.  Whereas Judge Gay appears to be directly involved in the future, to this point allegedly the Judge has had no active involvement.  The Judge based on fact can clearly see the improprieties of investigating officers, administration of Court Orders, and such.  A first year law student could quickly tell the origins, foundation, application, and administration of this “case” has been severely flawed at each level and opportunity.  If the State’s Attorney office is too corrupt or incompetent to realize this, then one would hope the judge can recognize this.  If/when this comes before the Honorable Judge Young I would hope that the Judge will charge the State, County, and all listed herein and to be listed with their unlawful transgressions, dismiss the case as it lacks foundation, and remove all trace of these frivolous charges and pursuits from the record.  Of course, failing to do this, the Judge parties with the ongoing Prosecutorial Misconduct and other such charges of conspiracy and the like listed herein and elsewhere.  It is with deep regret that proactively a victim of the system of Injustice ongoing must contact a Judge and their offices, but with the criminally corrupt approaches of the State’s Attorney office, what choice does a victim have?  The Judge will clearly see there is/was never a foundation for the origins of this “case” and the steps along the way have clearly corrupted the Case.

The State’s Attorney office clearly is operating in an unlawful manner seemingly at each turn.  This would indicate that they and their process are steeped in either a crooked nature/approach or they are incompetent.  One or the other must be true.  Retaliation for explicitly pointing out their corruption is of course Prosecutorial Misconduct for which they can be prosecuted.  The State’s Attorney office does not need a judge or jury to see they have corrupted process by their own abuses, and their core pursuits lacked foundation.  The State’s Attorney’s office has the ability (and is encouraged to do so) to contact each of the listed agencies and the undersigned to remove all charges, pursuits, and traces of these frivolous and offensive charges they have made against the undersigned.  Failing to do so furthers their unlawful abuse and harassment, Abuse of Process and a host of violations hereunder and elsewhere.  Failure of the State’s Attorney’s office to pursue well founded, stated, and outlined charges against Jennifer Slay as filed on 8/6/2015 with Larry Berges of the Sheriff’s Office would imply collusion, complicity, and of course is Prosecutorial Misconduct which they are becoming known for.

All of the above listed entities: (Sheriff Department, Judge’s Mercer’s Office, Judge Gay’s office, State’s Attorney Office, Probation Office) are seen to be remiss in their duties and committing ongoing Felony Abuse if all charges, actions, and restrictions to Mr Whidden’s freedom are not removed, and charges stricken from the record never to be seen/addressed…………….Further, all entities and persons listed herein are guilty of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Negligence if they fail to prosecute Jennifer Slay and her accomplices to the fullest extent of the Law based on charges initiated by Mr. Whidden on 8/6/2015 at a minimum.  Failure to prosecute Jennifer Slay would further represent Collusion, and other such claims/charges herein against the County/State agencies.


1)      The record will show that Mr. Theodore Whidden was:

A)     Arrested based on hearsay without evidence.

B)      Warrant issue based on testimony of known unreliable witnesses.

i)                    Warrant was for frivolous charges

ii)                   Warrant was for an unsubstantiated amount.

iii)                 Warrant was in regards to an inspecific inventory and valuation of goods.

iv)                 Warrant was for “Grand Theft”.  There is no theft, nor was there ever by any stretch of the imagination.

v)                  Operation of Warrant (Arrest) involved unlawful Entry, Search, and Seizure of personal property.

C)      Detained unlawfully based on frivolous charges.

D)     Arraigned and penalized (Freedoms restricted based on frivolous charges) based on frivolous documentation, false charges, unsubstantiated evidence.

E)      At its core the entire approach of your combined offices is baseless and without merit.

2)      Following the unlawful warrant, arrest, detainment the Honorable Judge Wade Mercer presided over a mock court appearance in which Judge Mercer and the representative of the State’s Attorney’s Office agreed to have all parties meet under law enforcement supervision at Mr. Whidden’s Pollywog property to have items sorted thru for return to Jennifer Slay.

A)     State’s Attorney office is in Contempt of Court, due to their violation of Mr. Whidden’s right to be present for the removal as was to be stipulated in the agreed Court order.

B)      The Sheriff’s Department and their attending officer are/were used in this Prosecutorial Misconduct as an agent of Injustice for the State’s Attorney office.  In so doing at a minimum the Sheriff Department and their deputy (corporately and individually) are at a minimum held responsible for the following.

i)                    Grand Theft, as they facilitated removal of the items once claimed Whidden had stolen.

ii)                   Tampering with evidence.

iii)                 Breaking and Enterring.

iv)                 Trepassing

v)                  Felony Trespassing (as the officer presumably had a firearm)

vi)                 Burglary

vii)               Contempt of Court

viii)              Aiding and Abetting the Criminal Misconduct of the State’s Attorney Office

ix)                 Conspiracy

x)                  Harassment

xi)                 Obstruction of Justice

xii)               Unlawful Entry, Search and Seizure

xiii)              Criminal Mischief

xiv)             Failure to properly investigate

xv)               Failure to properly control inventory in an alleged theft

xvi)             Failure to properly manage crime scene

xvii)            Failure to properly execute a Court Order

xviii)          Compounding a Crime

xix)             Misprision of Felony (If they failed to report and properly act, which includes dropping all charges, probation, pursuits, etc.)

xx)               Collusion with Ms Jennifer Slay

xxi)             Aiding and Abetting all the Frauds of Jennifer Slay

xxii)            Complicity in all the Frauds of Jennifer Slay

3)      The Probation office of Jackson County including but not limited to Officer Stacey Goodson are similarly engaged and involved in the charges listed herein, and are deeply involved in the Prosecutorial Misconduct of the State’s Attorney’s office.  As an agent of that unlawful acting/directing body they are Aiding and Abetting the felony corruption of process.  They are critical “Cogs in the wheels of Injustice”, being used to violate Mr. Whidden’s Civil rights.

A)     Administration of “Probation” whether lawful or not under any definition is part of the:

i)                    Conspiracy of the State’s Attorney office

ii)                   Restriction of Mr. Whidden’s freedom to work, travel, and move about.

iii)                 Restricting any of his activities including requirements to call in, pay fees, submit for testing, etc are all unlawful because at its core and throughout the process the Civil Rights of the victim, Mr Whidden have been offended by Prosecutorial Misconduct.

4)      The Honorable Judge Wade Mercer and his office are party to the Prosecutorial Misconduct of the States Attorney office;

A)     As an arm of the administration of the evil doers the Judge’s office is being used as a tool for abuse, harassment, and numerous violations listed, and not listed herein.  As such this is a criminal offense of the Judge, and judge’s office.

B)      As the Judge agreed and filed the Court Order on 7/30/2015, and as he can easily confirm it has been violated by directive of the aforementioned entities, the Judge knows the rights of the victim, Mr. Whidden have been violated.

C)      If the other related entities have not reported to the Judge’s office/Court that the above Contempt of Court (Violation of Court Order) took place then those entities are guilty of:

i)                    Misprision of Felony

ii)                  Compounding a Crime

iii)                Obstruction of Justice

iv)                 And a host of other issues, as these departments owe a fiduciary responsibility to the Court to report their own indiscretions and violations of Orders/Rights of the Complainant herein.

5)      The reckless behavior of the States Attorney office is clearly Procecutorial Misconduct on a number of levels.

A)     Failure to Prosecute (Jennifer Slay)

B)      The Felony Fraud of Jennifer Slay obscures any indication of Landlord-Tenant.  As Jennifer Slay has/had no ability, intention, or effort to pay she entered in to an unlawful arrangement at its inception whatever, or whenever that is said to occur.  As a result of the Felony Fraud which trumps all other laws of habitation there is/was never a case.  The pursuit is frivolous.

C)      The Contempt of Court (Violation of Court Order) facilitated theft (Grand Theft) of items on Mr. Whidden’s property.  Issues with the State’s Agent (County Sheriff’s office) are listed in part above.

i)                    In so doing the State’s Attorney office obscured (tampering with evidence) any proof or indication of inventory, values, or controls on the claimed “goods”, thus if they ever had a case, they no longer do because they corrupted the investigation.

ii)                  The original charge of “Felony Grand Theft” was dubious (unlawful) as/when filed.  Now, as a result of evidence tampering by the State and their agents the most/best they have to pursue is “Misdemeanor” because there is no valuation or inventory of goods.

iii)                Ownership of goods both stored and removed were never established.

iv)                 The lack of original inventory, assessment, or valuation before, during or after said crime or separation obscures all charges, valuations, etc.  There is/was/never will be a case.  This further points to the frivolous nature and unlawful arrest at its inception.

v)                  The statements for the original filing with the State’s Attorney office are baseless and without merit or independent verification.

a)      At a minimum this requires the State’s Attorney office, and Sheriff department to prosecute Jennifer Slay for False Statements, Felony Fraud, and a host of charges advised in writing to the Sheriff’s Office (Larry Berges) on 8/6/2015.

b)      Failure of Law Enforcement to engage Jennifer Slay on each and every one of the itemized 24 multiple point charges outlined on 8/6/2015 indicates Collusion, and a host most issues under Prosecutorial Misconduct.

6)      The original filing was corrupted, baseless, without merit, and full of Felonious issues.  Jennifer Slay and her accomplices can/should be prosecuted and/or investigated;

A)     Any habitation of Mr. Whidden’s property at Pollywog or elsewhere is based on a Criminal Felony Fraud as Slay had not ability, intention, or motivation to pay anything.  It was Fraud immediately upon entry under any conditions.

B)      The use/abuse of multiple dwellings by Jennifer Slay cannot be explained under a “Landlord-Tenant” arrangement noting.

i)                    Slay alleged to have habitation at 2298 Pollywog.

ii)                   Slay is believed to have stolen items from 2300 Pollywog.

iii)                 Slay unlawfully stored items (some stolen it appears) at 2300 Pollywog.

iv)                 Slay is believed to have stolen items from 2296 Pollywog.

v)                  Slay unlawfully stored items (some stolen it appears) at 2296 Pollywog.

vi)                 The State’s Attorney office/Sheriff’s Office were given reports and guidance on the foregoing thefts, and presence of stolen property.  Their Contempt of Court (Violation of Court Order) on 7/31/2015 obscured these issues, as once again they tampered with evidence.

vii)               The property appears to have been used for the purpose of illicit drug use, manufacture, and/or distribution.  Once again the State and County Law enforcement’s failure to heed reports, warnings, advice, AND THE COURT ORDER obscured these issues, ownership, etc.

viii)              The State’s material mishandling thru their own office and thru their agents is an obstruction of Justice for Mr. Whidden.

ix)                 In Whidden’s filing of 8/6/2015 a host of property violations are listed wherein the unlawful use of the property necessitated that Whidden take action to protect his rights.

x)                  In Whidden’s filing of 8/6/2015 a host of Child Endangerment/Child Abuse violations are stated which would necessitate Whidden take protective action for himself and for those involved, including but not limited to the children.

C)      At its core the original statements of Jennifer Slay constitute false reporting to law enforcement.

i)                    Law enforcement reacting on bad advice, hearsay, unsubstantiated claims initiated these unlawful proceedings (Prosecutorial Misconduct)

ii)                   Law enforcement’s continued pursuit in a sloppy, slipshod manner prejudices the rights of both Whidden and Slay.  In fact, Jennifer Slay now has an actionable case potential against the State/County for their material mishandling of her situation.  Whidden similarly has an actionable case against all involved.

iii)                 The lack of merit at its inception of this case is apparent to any moron tuned in.  The initiation was unlawful and all actions/inactions, restrictions on Mr Whidden, or undue pressures, commitments, or obligations are similarly unlawful.  Noting:

a)      Some idiot has alleged Jennifer Slay was denied access to a property, yet there is no evidence or indication whatsoever to suggest it was Whidden.

b)      There are four (4) locks on a chain on a gate at the head of a private road.  The idiots of the State’s Attorney office have no ability to determine who owns any of the locks, when they were put on, or what order they were installed, or for what purpose.

c)       The lock(s) on the gate could just as easily belong to Jennifer Slay as anyone.

d)      The lock(s) on the gate could just as easily belong to Jennifer Slay’s accomplices as anyone.

e)      The lock(s) on the gate could just as easily belong to a neighbor or third party protecting their interests from the thefts, and drug production/distribution surrounding the inhabitants of Pollywog lane and general area.

f)       The lock(s) on the gate could just as easily belong to the Sheriff’s department of Jackson county, yes, the Sheriff’s Department………….. The county dumps Equine Rescue candidates off on the Pollywog Property.  As the County has no Equine rescue, then call around and see what happens when a donkey gets out in Jackson County.  Jackson County calls Washington County, Washington County refers Jackson County to Mr. Whidden…………..You see, I work with Jack Asses all the time.  I recognized the tactics herein listed.

g)      Note, based on the suggestions above there is enough reasonable doubt to obscure the pursuits of the State’s Attorney’s frivolous case(s).  In fact the above obscures BOTH the “Grand Theft” and any “Denial of Access”, irrespective of all else………..Resultant:  No case at inception or at any time.

h)      The Claimant in the original baseless case (Jennifer Slay) and her accomplice(s) made a series of threats on or about early/mid May concerning improper use of Law Enforcement in a ruse against Mr Whidden.

i)                    The State’s Attorney office are the pawns of these felons.  Failure to investigate, charge, and prosecute Slay and her accomplices for this conspiracy is Prosecutorial Misconduct (as well as incompetence) on the part of the State/County.

ii)                   The State/County have been advised that Slay sent a threatening text on or about the time it appears a lock or locks were installed on the gate at Pollywog.  The State/County is required by rules of investigation to seek this out and acknowledge this including introducing this as reasonable doubt in their own case against Whidden, lest they be committing more Prosecutorial Misconduct.

a)      In said text Jennifer Slay explicitly states that she has a “game to play” using law enforcement resources to inflict her abuse.  This is paraphrased herein.

b)      In a voice mail recording an accomplice of Jennifer Slay (and the other criminals listed herein) again refers to the use/abuse of County/Sheriff’s office resources in their abuse of the landowner.  The State by way of this notification and charges launched on 8/6/2015 against Slay are remiss in not acknowledging these, their content, and the express demands and claims of the respondent.

c)       Based on the above referenced and other messages it is as reasonable (more reasonable) to think Jennifer Slay and her accomplices (using law enforcement) have cooked up a Scheme to Defraud.  A scheme to defraud is in keeping with the character of the Felony Fraud at its inception and false charges/statements within the State file.

d)      At it’s foundation any moron (including those of the State’s Attorney’s office) should be able to see the charges, claims, statements were baseless and without merit at their inception.  Further to this all actions subsequent to these frivolous claims was unlawful.  Further still the unlawful actions of Law Enforcement by way of numerous acts of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Negligence puts the State/County in an unwinnable situation, with numerous infractions, violations, and methods of recourse available to Mr Whidden both now and in the future.  The ongoing use/misuse of the INJUSTICE system is clearly abuse of process, criminal mischief and a host of violations both listed herein and elsewhere.


Unfortunately, the “System” has challenged itself in regards to pursuits/abuses of Mr Whidden.  This is taxing in more ways than one can imagine.  If I have wasted anyone’s time in this outline or the many others in my defense, then imagine how much of my time you are wasting.  You have no case.  You never had a case.  You have fouled up opportunities to discuss the possibilities of a case.  I am willing to amicably move on with charges dropped/stricken, with charges pursued against Jennifer Slay, and with full prosecution of State’s Attorney players.  Note: It is/was clearly the State’s Attorney’s office to implement undue pressures (Prosecutorial misconduct) to implement some kind of “deal” in which they felt they could pressure Whidden in to.  Clearly moving onwards if charges against Whidden are not dropped then the State is wasting resources and committing Abuse of Process.  Clearly if the State waits to drop charges then the State is using Abuse of Process against someone they know they cannot charge/try with any expectation of a win.  In short the State is on a tight timeline.  If they drop charges at or after Arraignment they have committed Abuse of Process and Prosecutorial Misconduct and they are convicted by their own actions/inactions.  The table has turned on these criminal hooligans of the State.  What will it be?  Understand that Criminal Actions of the State serves to involve all those listed above as they were Complicit/Aiding and Abetting in the development of the ruse.

I would encourage the Courts and their Officials to take early effective action against members of the State Attorney’s office, including but not limited to action with the Florida Bar to have the credentials (Legal Licensing) removed.  If the County/Court/State fails in this regard they are seen as Complicit in the crimes, and again we have Misprision of Felony for failing to protect the public.





Theodore L Whidden

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