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To:  Larry Berges, Jackson County Sheriff Department

Copy to:  Probation office and others as sender sees fit

Copy to: Judge Mercer

Copy to: State’s Attorney’s Office

From:  Theodore L. Whidden

Reference:  Violation of Court order and owner’s rights and new State’s Attorney charges



Mr. Larry Berges,

This is to advise that removal of property from my  farm at 2300,2298,2296 Pollywog Lane was done apparently under deputy supervision on Friday, 7/31/2015.  This removal was in violation of both the Court Order, and my owner rights.  Note that Court Order mandated that I be in attendance during removal.  This further complicates a rather dubious situation.  It actually places the Sheriff department in line for potentially facilitating a theft.

At a minimum the entry/access to my property as facilitated by law enforcement is:

1)      Violation of the Court Order

2)      Trespassing

3)      Unlawful Access, Entry, Search, and Seizure

4)      The multiple re-entries on to my property on the weekend of 7/31/2015-8/3/2015 whether accompanied by law enforcement or not are unlawful due to court order.

5)      Presumption is that law enforcement did attend one access, but not the second on the same day (Friday) or the subsequent visits that the offending party appears to have made.  A minimum of three perceived entries were made.  If law enforcement was not in attendance with Slay and company, then Slay has even more questions to answer.

I have advised the court/sheriff department previously and I reiterate the fact that Jennifer Slay is a predator.  It is anticipated that stolen property was being housed on the property.   This property was used to land stolen goods, presumably before liquidation.  This goods includes property stolen from the farm itself (locally) and others.  Law enforcement may have facilitated her theft of my property.  It appears part of Jennifer Slay’s ongoing criminal activity to steal and liquidate stolen property.  This is apparently to support her drug habit which is all evidenced on the property at Pollywog. The instruction (3 pages attached) submitted to the Sheriff Department on 7/31/2015 was to allow attending officer to be properly briefed.  It is anticipated this was not done, nor was the officer properly informed of the Court Order, that or it is all being sloppily disregarded.

As a character witness, Justin Hurst of 7080 Gilley Road, Grand Ridge, Florida can attest to Jennifer Slay’s ongoing criminal activities which may include:

1)      Theft of houseware items, and valuables.

2)      Theft of houseware items in new packaging where possible for return (laundering) at stores such as Walmart/Lowes with relaxed return policies.

3)      Walmart and other stores should have an abnormal record of returns especially houseware items by Jennifer Slay.

4)      Pawn shops in the area likely have her on account for pawning/selling low use items.  (It is anticipated her “returns” far exceed any documented income for obvious reasons.  (The returns are her income!!))

5)      Jennifer Slay poses as a person to clean households and offices and seems to be using this as a ruse to access and steal personal property.  Her clients will likely either find household items removed with or without packaging, Empty packaging in storage, and/or completely removed goods and packaging are among her approaches it seems.

6)      Medical equipment missing and/or dismantled at my farm, as well as the alleged “Doctor office work” indicates she may have habits that include use or dismantling, disposal of medical equipment.  The officer in attendance during his unlawful visit could have/should have seen disabled breathing equipment in his “investigation”.  This was mentioned the brief that was ignored.

7)      Drugs, substantial use or appearance of use of drugs.  There are numerous signs.

My understanding is that Justin Hurst has known Jennifer Slay since “kindergarten” and has assisted her personally in the past only to find she was robbing him and others as well.  He can likely guide you to others to attest to her criminal behavior.  If not mistaken I believe it was stated that her own parents have “written her off” because of her past behavior.

Jennifer Slay is a predator, there is no doubt about it.  Jennifer Slay is involved in use and/or manufacture of illicit drugs as evidenced by materials left at the scene at Pollywog Lane.  This has been reported numerous times to Jackson County Law enforcement.  The three page instruction was to be used to brief the officer in attendance on the whereabouts and nature of the package behind the dwelling.

Prior/Subsequent to the court order issued 7/30/2015, the property at Pollywog Lane was entered while I (Theodore L Whidden) was being detained as a result of allegations by Jennifer Slay.  Slay was present at the scene upon arrest, and presumably she and/or her agent entered the property while she knew Whidden was being detained.   The detainment by law enforcement using hoax charges opened the door for another unlawful access explained in the three page attachment, but predating the unlawfully assisted access(es) subsequent to the order.  Her entry at this time was unlawful and presumably against guidance by law enforcement.  Her access at this time and each time in July/August was counter to Court Order as agreed with the State’s Attorney, Judge Mercer presiding.

The property at Pollywog Lane was entered on Friday, July 31, 2015 by someone to remove personal belongings of Jennifer Slay.  As stated previously this was in violation of Court Order, because it should state that Mr. Whidden was to be present……………The property was accessed twice on Friday, July 31, 2015, and at least once on Saturday, August 1, 2015.  (It was entered July 29/30 as well).  Each of these times it is/was obvious that the material said to belong to Jennifer Slay was moved, handled or manipulated.  The gate position (open/closed) and other things indicated when traffic occurred.  Slay at all times appears to have had access.  Her statements to the contrary may be part of her ruse/deception.  It is part of her false reporting to law enforcement.

Review of the situation will demonstrate that Jennifer Slay blacked out all the windows in the dwelling at 2298 Pollywog Lane to hide her activities, presence, and material within.  Most likely there is no evidence of any sort to demonstrate she ever had lawful access.  This will likely include failure to change driver license, receive mail, pay bills, or anything to demonstrate lawful access.  There is no evidence of lease, exchange of funds, and/or receipts for same.  Jennifer Slay was purposely attempting to conceal her presence and activity.  While doing so there is/was either a crystal meth cooking operation ongoing on or near the property, or the property was being used to dump the remnants from the cooking activities.  The toilet at 2298 Pollywog was plumbed directly to the septic tank at one time, and directly to the ground using new pipe subsequently to demonstrate that meth lab trash was being flushed from the toilet at 2298 Pollywog directly to the ground behind the house.  This evidence was maintained and presented to several Jackson county law enforcement personnel, with no apparent concern, reaction or report.   Officers indicated they could see what was going on and claimed to understand my concern.  The behavior continued. 

The vacant dwellings on Pollywog Lane were vandalized, entered, and items removed while Jennifer Slay was hiding out on the property.  Items presumed stolen from other locations/owners were believed to be stored at the alternative residences on Pollywog.  I have twice now advised law enforcement of what appears to be stolen material on the property. 

I have advised Jackson County Law enforcement numerous times of the irregular activities on the property.  I received no assistance from the Sheriff’s department on previously reported activities.  There have been multiple entries to the property at Pollywog Lane since my arrest, and prior to my detainment 7/2015.

Records should indicate that between May 7, 2015 (the day the owner served Jennifer Slay with trespass notice, copy attached) and May 27, 2015, that Jennifer Slay texted Theodore Whidden advising she had another round to play at her game and she was going to use law enforcement to inflict her punishment.  On or about that time presumably is when Jennifer Slay and/or her accomplices placed a lock on the gate at Pollywog lane.  Apparently Slay has alleged the owner did this, but it is clear Slay continued to come and go from the dwelling, including but not limited to her access to the property while Whidden was under arrest July 29/30, 2015.  This clearly served to obscure ownership of the stolen goods activity, however seems to have instantly curtailed the meth production/operation.  This chain of events appears successful at stopping the ongoing drug production at the scene.

As Slay put in writing she had a “game to play” using law enforcement and the state, and as Whidden was departing the area for work, Whidden let her play her game out.  She has now made statements of an unlawful nature as she would have had to lie to get Whidden picked up for Grand Theft and/or for denying her access to her belongings.  I wish to pursue charges against her in that regard.  Law enforcement and state/county officials are presently being played as pawns in her ruse.  She is using you to harass me.  This is abuse of process and criminal mischief at a minimum.

Jennifer Slay is using her children in the ruse as can be confirmed by Justin Hurst listed above and others.

Jennifer Slay’s pursuit of the owner of Pollywog Lane is Abuse of Process and Criminal Mischief, that includes falsification of police reports, and a host of other issues to conceal her theft and drug activity.  If nothing else this should serve to put Jennifer Slay fully on the Law Enforcement radar.

It should be noted that Jennifer Slay often poses as office staff for doctor’s offices.  Most recently she has alleged to have worked for a foreign doctor in Calhoun County (Bristol).   She is/was believed terminated in March 2015.  While under his employ she may have committed various crimes leading to her dismissal that may or may not have been reported.   It is anticipated that at a minimum this is how in part she steals money, drugs and equipment from clinics.  Further to this she was allegedly staying with “friends” whose “welcome” she wore out.  Apparently that was what put her “homeless” at the time she came to Pollywog for work.  She showed up at Pollywog allegedly looking for cleaning work, which seems to be her method of operation and approach.

Mr. Whidden has recorded several threatening phone calls having to do with Jennifer Slay and one of her accomplices in some of this activity.  If/when the Sheriff Department/State’s Attorney’s office gets there focus corrected in this investigation I can share these recordings.

In addition to this notice of 8/3/2015, I enclose the three page notice served to the Jackson County Sheriff Department on 7/31/2015 at 1130 hours.  I will also include the 5/7/2015 notice served at the property for trespassing.  I will eventually be requesting copy of the State’s Attorney’s file on this and would appreciate seeing these documents filed properly in that file when I make that request.  I will file it thru multiple venues to insure that all venues are properly filing necessary documents and statements.  Clearly someone dropped the ball on the Court Order, and the attendance instructions. 

I would further like to see the State’s Attorney’s Office commence motions to remove the false charges from my record. 

I would like a permanent injunction against Jennifer Slay granted by the courts.

Even a first year law student could see where this leaves us:

1)      The “State” has no case against me whatsoever.

2)      The “State’s” plan of execution for “Grand Theft” is/was a bogus claim that has no merit.  It was a ruse used to get me away from the property and used for illegal access.  This is harassment and criminal mischief by law enforcement.

3)      The “State’s” plan to follow up on the “Grand Theft” idea with some idea that I denied access/rights to Slay’s property is equally without merit, and cannot be demonstrated.  It is a pretty dubious approach, and apparently meant to drag out the harassment, but the State has no evidence.   Only an idiot would put this forward with what you have.   It is a waste of resources, and appears baseless.  (Interestingly, the same approach the State’s Attorney’s office used to drop my claim last year that my property was vandalized by meth-heads was that no one saw them actually “do” it.  Oddly, no matter what wacky stuff the State’s Attorney alleges the same is true for denying Slay access to any belongings.  The State’s Attorney cannot place me anywhere near the property, locks, etc.   They are wasting everyone’s time and they know it.   There are four locks and the State’s Attorney cannot tell anyone what order they went on or who they belong to.  At this juncture I anticipate no one alive can identify the owner of more than 2 or 3 of the locks.  Further pursuit in this regard is abuse of process.)

4)      The County/State are partying with a person to further criminal mischief against a land owner.

5)      The County/State is wasting taxpayer resources of time and money.

6)      The County/State is wasting the land owners time, money, and resources while unnecessarily harassing a taxpayer.

7)      The County/State is fouling up their approach leading to potential unlawful transgressions thru the inefficiency of process and operations.  This is outlined in part above.  Whereas the County/State has no real case against the landowner, the landowner does have a case against the County/State of their own making.

8)      All charges need to be dropped against the land owner and stricken from the record as any question now or in the future furthers the criminal mischief the County/State is partying with.

9)      Jennifer Slay and her activities should be more closely scrutinized.   Law enforcement’s failure to recognize her to this point in history is possibly due to her deceptive nature, but now things are being brought to light that could/should be pursued.  Failure to follow up on points listed herein and in the attachment by officials after being her accomplice in returning to the property unlawfully may open the door to a whole host of questions such as collusion.

10)   All my expenses and costs to this point and moving forward in this regard are responsibility of Jennifer Slay and the County/State as they appear to be partying with her.  If this should continue this will include legal fees and everything.  As long as the State fails to address Slay’s indiscretions, then clearly there is collusion afoot, and I would anticipate the State has a better ability to pay than your partner.

11)   Notice this:  If/when the State’s Attorney office has difficulty determining and proving a “landlord-tenant” situation, then it is unresolved.  THAT MEANS every deputy, officer, etc whether they are/were right or wrong when they state that this is “Landlord-tenant” they are actually practicing law without a license.  That is rather clear, and I will likely have an action against the department and each individual that counselled the perpetrator Jennifer Slay (or myself at any time) on “Landlord-Tenant” (Very likely we can consider the whole department in that regard.).  Note, irrespective of whether it is or not, the deputies in this county are attempting to practice law by making a determination, passing judgment, and/or giving advice in these situations.   If it is a matter to be determined elsewhere, then the person should be referred in that direction.   Deputies and law enforcement are operating outside of their jurisdiction, and are rarely on sound ground making determinations or giving advice on “Landlord-Tenant” and it is likely a violation of law.   Clearly if the squatter had been encouraged to move along we would not have any of this to deal with.  All county law officers appear to be practicing law.  If we need to make an example out of this, then the State’s Attorney’s office needs to take up that case as well.  Don’t you think?  I am asking for counsel with the State’s Attorney’s office in this regard effective immediately. (Note Slay’s texts in the date/timeline introduced herein states that Deputy Lee gave her landlord tenant advice, thus was practicing law.) (Note the threatening messages from one of Slay’s accomplices advised that he had a brother on the Sheriff’s department.  The State’s Attorney investigation in that regard should help sort out who was making the calls, and to whom he was referring.)

12)   As a good citizen maybe it was my civic duty to allow her game to play out and be exposed?

I urge the State/County to promptly drop their pursuits/charges, and allow me to move about without being unduly taxed by the criminal mischief of another.  I would appreciate prompt return of all my personal property unlawfully, or lawfully removed and held as regards all issues surrounding this unlawful deviation of my privacy.

As a closing note, very likely someone somewhere (including Jennifer Slay) will insist this is landlord-tenant, and very likely you have penned notes and statements in your file to this regard.  You should also have copy of the “trespass notice” served to Jennifer Slay on May 7, 2015 as that is the only piece of paper she has alluding to her presence there.  In that notice she is lawfully advised that moving in to a dwelling, alleging a “tenant” situation with no ability nor intention to pay is felony fraud.   I insist you charge her for felony fraud and initiate investigation in to her many other indiscretions.   Felony fraud for a tenant was outlined in the 5/7/2015 trespass notice lawfully served to Slay.  It should be a part of your file, if not, I include a copy herein.

Initially you picked up the wrong person, it is plain to see.  Now is your opportunity to pick up the right person.  Whatever Slay’s stated terms of her residency is, then she must demonstrate there was an ability and intention to pay.  This is a twisted mess, because this is the frail tenancy she is hanging on to, and if it is as stated by her, then she is admitting to felony fraud.  Funny, isn’t it?  (If the county would begin to identify these type patterns, they would realize that virtually every person cooking unlawful dope uses this approach.  The property owners who encounter it can readily identify it.  The problem is the local law enforcement most often serves the tenant (dope producers) and not the land owner fighting the problem.)

Interestingly you will likely find that Jennifer Slay lost her job with the aforementioned “Doctor” prior to showing up at my property to “clean houses”.   You will need to contact that doctor for details, and you should spend some time on that…………Meanwhile, as she had no job, no income whatsoever it seems she will have to demonstrate a cashflow to move in and remain.  This will likely require she provide you a list of “cleaning” customers.  These people should be encouraged to check very closely for missing items.  Interesting how this all comes together!   She has to demonstrate substantial income at a level predetermined BY HER, otherwise it is clearly Fraud.  Once she demonstrates income she must demonstrate an attempt to pay, and pay, and pay, etc.  She must show evidence of payment otherwise by her own admission and demonstration she has committed felony fraud.  Simple, really.  If you want to pursue “landlord-tenant” then you have to lock her up.  I insist.  Any failure to charge her and follow thru with felony fraud following activity to date will appear that the State/County is in collusion with the perpetrator.

BTW:  A list of her “cleaning” contacts should uncover a host of thefts.  Expand the list as you would a background search and you will likely find pilfering all along the way.

For the sake of the community, the children involved, and the old people Jennifer Slay preys upon, please look in to these matters.

One thing many of you may have missed is that as an absentee owner, with no documents on an inhabitant NOR KNOWLEDGE of their NAME, while paying the power bill for property, etc, etc…………If an investigator had rolled up on my place prior to my action, then the meth lab, stolen property, hazmat issues, child endangerment, etc would have all been MINE!  I am reacting in self-defense, and any reasonable court and jury can and will see this.  Can you?  The problem is law enforcement appears to be dropping the ball making decisions and judgments based on improper perceptions.  You folks may think you deal with turds all the time, well so do property owners.  The area seems overrun with drugs and theft.  A property owner should have some right to protect themselves.  Clearly law enforcement continues to fail to properly engage here.  Odds are you’re looking for a way not to charge the girl.  No wonder there is so much crime.  You create it by covering for these turds.

Correspondence was initiated by the undersigned with the Sheriff’s office by email (in May 2015) which is/was the way to contact Whidden.  The Sheriff’s office failed to properly reply/respond as evidenced by email records and the public information online.  Future contact with Whidden is most appropriate via email as stated previously.  Mind you, in order to have furthered this to this point you would have had to commit fraud (wire and other), and to further your pursuit with me in the manner/approach you have should surely bring this to light.  Dropping charges against Whidden which are baseless or without merit is fruitful, while charging Jennifer Slay is worthwhile use to protect and serve the public, as she is a menace to society.





Theodore L Whidden

[email protected]


P.S.  Just for “shits and giggles” so to speak I include two pictures of a “soup pot”.  I suggest you bring in the 12 year old daughter (oldest) of Jennifer Slay and ask her if she wants any soup from this pot.   Tell her the pot was found behind the trailer at 2298 Pollywog right outside where she slept.   Ask her what this pot is for and what her role is in working with this pot.   This ought to open a nice file for the Child Protection people for Child Endangerment.  That file should touch on to much of the above.  This pot, it’s use, and the mass behind 2298 Pollywog left by Slay was reported to Health Services multiple times with no response or attendance.  Seems typical that the state/county allows these shenanigans to continue.   



5/7/2015 Notice of Trespass

7/31/2015 Advice/Information provided to Sheriff Department/Investigators


All documents copied to State Probation Officer on 8/3/2015 encouraging the State to properly paper their file, read the information, and drop charges.

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