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To:  Jackson County Sheriff, Deputy/Investigators and States Attorney’s Office.

From: Ted Whidden, owner Pollywog Lane, Marianna, Florida

Ref:  The predator Jennifer Slay and her attendance at my property upon orders of the court.


You will now find the chain/lock at Pollywog Lane off as of 1000 hours, 7/31/2015 per request relayed to me by Officer Goodson.


Upon arrival at the office the Deputy/Investigator for States Attorney office needs to note there are four (4) locks on the chain at the gate.  The second or third lock is that of WFECA power company who notified me on/around mid-May 2015 that the gate was locked and they needed access.  As anyone can/would/should do who can establish lawful access they insisted and cut the chain inserting a lock for access for their purposes.  This to my knowledge is either the second or third lock on the chain.  The small lock (new) is a lock added to service my livestock.  To my recollection this is the third or fourth lock added.  The exact number or ownership of the other two “older” looking locks is unknown, but believed to be the lock(s) added by Jennifer Slay herself.

As you move along you will find that Jennifer Slay is a predator, a pathological liar, a thief, and apparently has a rather complicated drug issue.  This will play out on the property very likely, and the State’s Attorney’s Office should be looking in to wrongful arrest, false reporting as well as a Child Endangerment problem as far as Slay is concerned.

Immediately behind the middle residence (2298 Pollywog Lane) investigators will find a SHIT PILE of meth production evidence from Jennifer Slay’s habitation of the dwelling.  This was diverted from the toilet directly to the ground.  Within that is cut lithium batteries and a host of evidence she was flushing down the toilet.  As she has “demanded” full access and opportunity to remove her things, please have the State’s Attorney office address the ownership issues, and production issues concerned herein.  As regards the shit spillage out of the house, the oldest daughter of Jennifer Slay can advise that she was made to haul buckets of shit out of the house and dump.  She can tell more in this regard.

Jennifer Slay is a thief.  She was stealing from many of the dwellings on the property, and is believed to steal from others at large while presumably “cleaning” for people.   The residences at 2300 and 2296 Pollywog are open for investigators.  Slay was using these dwellings to apparently store stolen property.  She stole property local to the property, but also brought other “personal property” to Pollywog, much of it is anticipated stolen.

Upon my release 7/30/2015 from Jackson County on a hoax charge I returned to the property to find the door of 2298 Pollywog open, with the a/c on.   The other dwellings were open as well.  No one was there.  I locked turned off the power to 2298 Pollywog and locked/closed the door prior to leaving.  I do not have a key to that dwelling so would appreciate it if the key can be returned via law enforcement and the door left locked upon departure.

The investigator/State’s Attorney Office is in a bit of a pickle, because so far there is no way to determine which residence Jennifer Slay alleged to habitate.  She removed and/or added items from every house while squatting and presumably since.  Her ploy appears to have been to stash stolen property in the other residences while making the middle residence appear free from encumberances.  Meanwhile, she was dumping remnants from Meth Cooking down the toilet of the middle trailer.  It is not sure if she was cooking there or somewhere else, or who helped her in this regard and her other criminal activity.

Interestingly the State’s Attorney’s Office if so inclined can pull Jennifer Slay’s text records.  On or about when she alleges there was a lock put on the gate she sent a text stating something to the effect that “She was ramping up her game and using law enforcement to assist”.  You will find that a lock was put on the gate/fence at/about the same time (immediately subsequent) when she knew I was out of town.  The first notification I had of the locked gate was when WFECA rep David Weeks contacted me about access to the property.  His/their records should cross reference that event.  Ms. Slay has apparently locked herself out for 2+ months as part of the “game” she chose to play.   If you will dig just a little deeper you will start to see the crimes and the criminal.

In 2296 Pollywog there is a stash of TV’s and other items.  This appears to be a revolving stash.  I had a great big pile of personal use items stored in this house.  Much of that stuff has been removed presumably by Jennifer Slay.  It appeared for a while that some of the items I had became mixed with items she was storing or stealing.  She clearly has no access at this time or at any time to 2296 Pollywog, but there may be evidence and indications of her thefts there.  She and her accomplices were using this as a staging area.  Again this is being left open for investigators.

2300 Pollywog Lane is left open.  This trailer had various medical equipment stored in it.  Much of it is now missing.  Much of this equipment went out in waves it seems.

The items stashed at the front door appear mostly rotten and useless.  Close examination will show much of it was worn out or too old for use when stored.  These items were some of what Slay brought to the property, but she stored it in the open end of the shed extending off of 2300 Pollywog Lane.  She alleged this to be personal items with intent to yard sale or haul away.  While cleaning/clearing the property I moved these items away from 2300 PollyWog and was moving it in to a trailer to haul off and burn.  Yes, I was going to burn the garbage.  It is/was abandoned property at a residence which the scoundrel Jennifer Slay had no right, access, nor any form of habitation.  Her horror at the condition she left of her own personal garbage will likely show the kind of drama and bullshit she is capable of.  Meanwhile, proper removal of her belongings requires her to remove ALL OF HER BELONGINGS including this wet, worthless stuff.  Presumption is much of her stuff is in the same condition.

In order for Jennifer Slay to remove her belongings, she must remove ALL of her belongings including:

1)       The “Meth Burrito” behind the house of the meth remnants from her cooking operation.  Clearly if she is/was the resident and had claim to all there, then she has claim to this as well.

2)      The wet/rotten stuff she left in the weather at the end of the open building of 2300 Pollywog.  The evidence on the ground there, and the rotten boxes will show she left the stuff in the weather as its final resting place.

3)      All items inside the house, excluding those removed from the adjacent property, including furniture, TV’s, electronics, and other such things she stole during her stay from Mr. Whidden.

The presumption is that Jennifer Slay and/or her accomplices attended at the property while I was locked up to either remove items, or to clean up from their lab operations.  Further, they appear to have had access to the other dwellings, as all were left standing open, including the travel trailer in the yard upon departure of whoever was there.  Fortunately for Slay they did not haul off her trash or the Meth burrito for her.

If it would facilitate the operation for local law enforcement, then have slay pile burnable stuff only on the old truck seat left out in the yard.  From there I can pick it up with a tractor, move it, and/or burn it.  That way law enforcement does not have to wait while they haul off wet garbage.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Slay must understand that if she leaves anything considered “garbage” then she is admitting it was garbage, and had no value undermining her claim of property value.

Jennifer Slay needs to be advised that she will be responsible for any unnecessary cleaning or repairs as it will be considered vandalism.  She has admitted and insisted that she lived there and had a right, then she also has a responsibility to leave it in good order.  Isn’t that reasonable?

Per request relayed to me, the property will be available to Jennifer Slay under Sheriff supervision only until dark on August 2, 2015 to complete all the above.

I would like to discuss with State’s Attorney’s office charges on Jennifer Slay for Criminal Mischief, Harassment, Unlawful Arrest, Filing False Police Reports, Vandalism, and other charges as they manifest.

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Copyright May 2016, All rights reserved by Ted Whidden