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---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ted Whidden <[email protected]>

Date: Mon, May 18, 2015 at 8:48 AM

Subject: Jackson County Sheriff's Office

To: [email protected]

Cc: Ted Whidden <[email protected]>



Through your online contact/submit form I posted the following this day.


I see from the "mailbox" tab on the page the above email address

[email protected] is for reaching your office.


I am trying to transfer/manage photos of the sewage/meth production

spillage as it was happening (and reported to Jackson County Sheriff's



You can see from investigation under the dwelling that the grey water

and sewage/brown water are/were separated, with only one line (from

the toilet of the dwelling) running to the back of the house.  This

one line was where children were made to catch the shit and carry it

off.  There are/were a host of plastics including drilled out lithium

batteries in the shit.  A great deal of shit is wrapped up in a tarp

behind the dwelling to show what was spilling on the ground presumably

from the dwelling............The septic tank was pumped clean and the

diverted waste continued with the plastics, foils, and such in the run




Submitted to Jackson County Sheriff's comment form

0530, 5/18/2015




I received a message from a Lieutenant inquiring about the people who

were held up on my property at 2296, 2298,2300 Pollywog Lane...... The

remnants of an ongoing meth operation is on the ground (tarped) behind

the dwelling.  I called the sheriff's office (multiple times) and the

health department (multiple offices) regarding the sewage being

diverted from the property.  The children in the dwelling were

required to carry shit in a bucket and dump away from the dwelling.

They continued exhausting the electrical power from my account, and

began a host of removals, damages, and other problems..........Prior

to leaving town on an assignment I received a text from the believed

squatter stating that they had something "dirty" planned using the

sheriff's department in their ploy.  I am quite sure if you check the

outgoing messages on that phone you will see this has now begun to

develop.  The day after receiving the threat to "dirty" dealing by the

person reporting me to sheriff's office I got a call from West Florida

Electric (Danny Weeks) who was out to do some service on the meter(s).

He said he was locked out.  He installed what I believe would be the

second lock on that gate.  I arrived some time after Danny and

installed a third.  I understand at this time there are four locks on

the gate on my property.  I am not sure what "dirty" game your

complainant is playing, or what role the sheriff's department plays in

this girl's game.  Should the sheriff department actively engage this

situation and send an investigator out with Child Services/HRS and

question the children properly there will likely be a need to further

inquire with the reporting person.  You can reach me via email if you

wish.  I shall be out of area for quite some time, hence your

complainant has picked a time where their complaint will likely play

out........Note there is a "blue burrito" of shit and crystal meth

products at the back door of the property. I received no help or

guidance for dealing with this, or cleaning it up.  I worked for days

cleaning this shit.  I eventually demonstrated to the deputy

(Edderlee) that the product was continuing to come from the dwelling.

The tank has been pumped, but the shit in the tarp kept coming.  We

cleaned it up as good as we could, but realized in the end that if I

disposed of it without getting a proper response then I was possibly

covering some of the woman's crime.  She is/was likely under the

impression that by calling law enforcement I would dispose of

evidence.  The evidence she believes has been disposed is tarped

behind the back door.  The dwelling as is should not be inhabited at

this time for child endangerment issues and a host of reasons.  Due to

the toxic product on the ground no one can remain on the property.  I

anticipate being out of area for a while.  I went thru all the

procedures I knew to alert proper authorities of this danger.  I

understand now that child services is or would be the organization

possibly to involve.  I was not advised at that time.


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