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To: Larry Birge, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

4012 LaFayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446


From: Theodore L. Whidden, P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida 32428

[email protected]




FBI/FDLE/Attorney General Notification

Case 15-276CF

14th Judicial Circuit


Also Reference:

Glenn Hess/Herman Laramore (State Attorney/Public Defender) Notification

Lou Roberts (Jackson County Sheriff) Notification





As you know, you started a frivolous path of pursuit in litigation in the above.  You and your associates have been given adequate advice and opportunity to recant and withdraw your frivolous pursuits.  Instead your associates have initiated and furthered an elaborate Organized Scheme to Defraud.  You and your counterparts should know this to be true.

It is now your obligation to notify the Attorney General (Pam Bondi), the FBI, and FDLE.  Please copy these onwards to them.

It would be wise to advise your counterparts (accomplices) to advise State Attorney Glenn Hess and Public Defender Herman Laramore long prior to now.  Their subordinates should have notified them immediately upon being named in a conspiracy more than two months ago.

It would be wise to involve the Sheriff Lou Roberts.  To date it does not appear that he has been involved directly in this ploy.

As you know this has been fouled up since the beginning.  It is not only based in false statements without merit by a less than credible complainant, but it seems each person in your organization and that of the crooked operation of the States Attorney office have furthered crimes of their own while facilitating others.  You were directed long ago to stop this runaway train wreck.  Your failure to take proper action and the improper actions that followed (and continue) are U.S. Code Violations as well as violations of Florida Law.  Unfortunately this appears to be a pattern of the organization in place.  It would seem wrong on a number of levels to allow this to continue against an individual or any group of persons.  Clearly your file, the file of the States Attorney, the file of the Public Defender, and the Court’s file adequately records the long standing abuses and patterns of corruption.

I would anticipate that you will need to provide copy of your entire file to State/Federal officials.  Further to this as I am now representing myself “Pro Se” in the above listed case then your attempt to bar me from contact with the State Attorney via “Trespass Notice” is null and void.  They have been ordered to provide me, as counsel to myself (Pro Se) a copy of their file.  It would behoove everyone for this to be their file.  This would serve as notice to all of you to invite official oversight.  Can you see how that works?

To this point I have been patient with you crooked bastards, but the depth and breadth of the deception appears to have no bounds.  I fully anticipate your people staging some bullshit ploy to frame me with some other crime.  Very likely the Coercion/Entrapment ploy outlined in the attached was to be followed by some hoax search/seizure so you can plant some evidence or tamper with something further.  To this point based on the performance outlined expectations for law enforcement integrity is pretty low.  As your records should show this began with a Meth Lab reporting that no one did anything about. 

I have no idea why so many people are willing to put their neck on the line for a known criminal and extortionist plot, but it would be wise for someone to review their file and initiate charges/pursuit against the original complainant.

I look forward to all charges being dropped immediately, and all record of this being expunged from public record and my file at the expense of the County/State.  Further to this, I look forward to the Federal authorities furthering pursuit and investigation.

Understand that dropping charges at this point does not absolve or resolve my lost income and opportunity issues, yet any continuance will escalate that potential.  That seems fair given the circumstances.   There are some 30+ felony offense against State, County, and Court officials thus far.  I am not sure just how far you want to go, but surely some adult oversight is past due.





Theodore L Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida 32428




Motion for Sanctions Against the State, $138,600,000

Motion for Sanctions Against the County, $138,600,000

Request for Immediate Arrest and Removal (States Attorney/Public Defender)

Withdrawal of Motion to Dismiss (Damages Assessed $23.1 million)

Coercion/Criminal Conspiracy (Arrest and Detainment of Court Officials and Records)

Request Electronic Media Copies and Safe-Keeping



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