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CASE NO: 15-276A

State of Florida


Theodore L Whidden




Arraignment (Felony) 7/30/2015 Video at Jail (Judge Mercer presiding)

Court Recording Judge Shonna Gay afternoon Court 12/15/2015

The undersigned defendant filing “Pro Se” respectfully requests immediate retention, safe-keeping and copies to be made and sent to the undersigned of the above referenced and herein explained events.  Failure to secure and fulfill this request furthers the expanding Criminal Conspiracy in this case and Court system.  Numerous filings this date, previously, and to follow as well as States Attorney file should sufficiently explain if/when investigators engage the process/allegations.

1)      The first recording dated 7/30/2015 is the video recorded Court Arraignment on 7/30/2015 for arrests made on 7/29/2015 on this case.  In that video/recording the “Condition of Release” is discussed and recorded.  That Condition of Release was violated per outline in States Attorney file, Sheriff’s file, and Ethics violation filings with this Court and case.  The violation of that Conditional Release was unlawful, contempt, and violation of the Court order, which actually precludes any lawful pursuit of this case and at best brings a mis-trial if/when this case is heard.  If this recording is not available nor provided then clearly the Criminal Conspiracy as outlined is still running and having effect.

2)      In the Court of the Honorable Shonna Gay on the afternoon of 12/15/2015.  The criminally operating Public Defender (Subject of numerous previous allegations, including but not limited to Sanctions for Failure in his fiduciaries, Criminal Conspiracy, etc) partied with the States Attorney (Collusion?) to oppose his appointed client.  In that instance H. Guy Green attempted Coercion/Entrapment to further the State’s Criminal Conspiracy.  It is not only caught on the recording, but his accomplices from the States Attorney office reveal the intent of their ploy with unfounded allegations of Fraud.  Note the numerous Criminal Conspiracy charges (and requests for arrest and disbarment) of Attorney Laura Wahlquist who was poised at the ready with a frivolous Fraud Allegation on this recording.  Clearly they conspired to entrap furthering their ruse.  Not only did their efforts get foiled they squandered yet again the attempts for the undersigned to obtain speedy trial.  Note in the recording the undersigned’s only concern is speedy trial.  Meanwhile the corruption in the Court serves to merely “kick the can” down the road.

Numerous filings for Sanctions as well as the States Attorney file, County file, etc leading to this point outline the ongoing harassment, abuse, and malicious prosecutorial efforts.  Prosecutorial misconduct is severe and ongoing.  Whereas the incompetents appear corrupt and inept, it still has not hampered them in bringing about undue harm.  It seems a part and parcel of the way things are done in this Court.  As the Judge went along with the ruse and seems to have furthered their efforts (See tape and accompanying documents) it is feared the Judge is becoming entangled in their drama.  If the Judge should fail to take immediate actions to protect the undersigned the Court itself will surely be held liable for this run-away criminal abuse.   Arrest, detainment, and restriction of licenses to practice and access to documents has been requested under separate file and covering.

For the record, the undersigned sent Certified request yesterday, 12/16/2015 for all files and records in the possession and management of the above personnel.  The undersigned would appreciate being copied on the above referenced Court recordings as soon as possible/practical.

The undersigned respectfully requests that all records are seized immediately and protections for both the State and the Undersigned are invoked as this Criminal Conspiracy is put in order.

My protections under Florida Law and the U.S. Constitution are being eroded and taken advantage of due to numerous failures in the system as it is being administered.  The State and County are unlawfully using their position to abuse.

For the record Herman Laramore’s office was contacted recently while he was tending to his wife and early intervention was requested.  They gave assurance in November 2015 that he would be notified and would be back in touch.  I have not heard anything from Laramore who may have his own hand in this debacle by way of his failure to take action.

                By way of copy to Pam Bondi, Attorney General of the State of Florida; Glenn Hess, State Attorney; Herman Laramore, Public Defender; and other divisions of government such as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) I invite some adult supervision to Jackson County to explore what is by way of routine taking place.  Surely someone from these agencies can represent a case against the undersigned and expedite these issues.  A layman taking on the corrupt legal system should surely get someone’s attention.  Apparently the numerous warnings and advices to date have failed thus allowing issues to escalate.

                I look forward to reasonable resolution to suit my desires promptly.

All responses heretofore to be directed to: THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CA; P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428, Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]



I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162; Laura Wahlquist, Florida Bar #87776

I HEREBY CERTIFY this as a true copy of the foregoing to be delivered to the States Attorney office via their accomplice to their crimes, Larry Birge at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  Attention Glenn Hess, States Attorney

Herman Laramore, Public Defender

Pam Bondi, Attorney General

FBI, Regional Office

Publicly made available.

                                                                                THEODORE WHIDDEN

                                                                                The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy

THEODORE WHIDDEN, The Victim of the Crimes/Conspiracy, DEFENDANT in lawful presentation of Jackson County Case No. 15-276CA; 

P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Phone: 850-685-2353  Email: [email protected]




An Abused Member of the Public





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