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Laura Wahlquist/Ana Maria Garcia

c/o Lt Larry Birge, Jackson County Sheriff Department

4012 Lafayette Street

Marianna, Florida



Theodore L. Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida 32428



State of Florida vs Theodore L Whidden  15-276CF




To the State’s Attorney Office 14th District,


I visited your office (on or about October 26, 2015?) requesting copy of your file (verbally and in writing) against me in The State of Florida vs Theodore L Whidden.  (Your logs should reflect same, and should be copied to this file as well as the Ana Garcia emails thereabouts)I also reached out (via email) to Ana Maria Garcia to come together to resolve this.  At the time you were steeped in collusion with counsel appointed by the Public Defender’s office who was not performing.  Your entanglement increases due to your “business as usual” practices.  Unfortunately your “Business as usual” is corrupt.

As you know on December 15, 2015 your accomplice H. Guy Green stepped aside as counsel.  As counsel representing myself “Pro Se” I would AGAIN like to request official copy of the State’s Attorney file with supporting depositions and all manner of documents, notes, recordings, etc.  As they say “any and all” parts of your file and investigation or lack of investigation as the case may be must be included.

As you will now see and as you should have seen at that time you MUST provide complete copy of your file upon demand.  You failed to do this the first time and instead attempted a “Trespass Order” by one of your other accomplices.   The collusion efforts with inept counsel to block my lawful defense incriminates both you and Green.  Can you see this?  This will cause you problems as we move along. 

As one can imagine at this point, any failure to provide notes/documents/evidence copies in/from your file will result in additional filings with the Bar and the Court.  As Laura Wahlquist’s stated agenda is to act as a gate-keeper for evidence in the file, then her job will become increasingly convoluted trying to protect herself protecting an extortionist plot.  It appears your office has quickly fallen in to the criminal conspiracy position.  You are conflicted with your position.  If you have not consulted with Glenn Hess directly on this, then you should at this time.  A fresh perspective will likely demonstrate you are missing the forest for the trees.

With this file request I am enclosing “StatesAttorney3” folder of photos and recordings, and recopying “StateAttorney2” and “StateAttorney” so please make sure these are duly included in the evidence/files you send to me.  As advised previously I am requesting copy of file in part to make sure documents are being properly received, handled, and stored.  It is my right to audit your performance in this way and report your criminal transgressions.

Also, as Karen Watson of the Jackson County Sheriff Department is noted on the voice recorder speaking about firearm return (On July 30, 2015) and as you and your colleagues are being accused of Grand Theft in regards to those specific firearms in this specific case, then we will need to add Karen Watson to the list of witnesses.  Your list of named witnesses should now reflect all those listed by me to this point and Karen Watson as well.  I will leave it to you to subpoena all of these for pre-trial and trial.  If you do not subpoena them in light of your recent and past performance then clearly there will be ethics and other filings considered.  You are clearly operating in unlawful manner to affect my financial status and ability.

If/When you finally review your file and realize you haven’t any case to pursue please contact me immediately to resolve.  It would have been much less painful if you had done this earlier.  As one can see my book release has been affected and a host of other problems have now occurred which will serve to spiral costs out of control for the frivolous pursuit.  For the sake of good order I submit a signed copy of my book, “The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition” to the State file because this indeed appears to be what it is all about…………..Note: Your frivolous pursuits have altered our Christmas launch of this product, affected countless thousands/millions of people to which you may find yourself responsible for.  No doubt this will give your creative thinkers in your office something to ponder as costs spiral out of control.

I would recommend you seek counsel.  This is not your typical opportunity at extortion.  There will be no deals and ultimately you have to try a case in Court that will leave you looking completely inept and corrupt.  We are moving towards a landmark Florida case, but Ana Garcia has already been made aware of that. (See emails).

Please provide full copy of your file including all documents, recordings, evidence, etc by certified mail to my address above no later than 25 December 2015.  This should make for an interesting Christmas for all.  As I defend my right to earn a living, then so will you.



Ted Whidden



CD evidence with numerous photos, text messages referring to meth lab, recorded messages referring to meth lab and a host of other pertinent data.  A copy of the 2015 book release, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION


To make effective use of the postal system,  I am enclosing:

1)      Notice of Unavailability

2)      Motion for Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel

3)      Motion for Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel (2)

4)      Motion for Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel (3) Prosecutorial Misconduct

5)      Motion to Dismiss


New Documents included for completeness:

Motion for Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel (4) Scheme to Defraud, Organized Fraud, Communications Act,  This document set includes the Condition of Release July 30,2015 and the August 7, 2015 notification sent to the Court.

(This Motion will also be sent as an Addendum to the multiple Ethics Violations with the Florida Bar)







H.Guy Green

4187 Clinton

Marianna, Florida 32446

Theodore L Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida 32428



State of Florida vs Theodore L Whidden  15-276CF




To Attorney H. Guy Green,

As you know on December 15, 2015 you requested that you be withdrawn as counsel on my case with the State.   As a result my new counsel will need copy of your complete file including all recordings, documents, notes, phone notes, etc.  (ANY AND ALL supports and/or evidence in your file including internal documents.)

I request you send full and complete copy immediately to me via Certified Mail so that we can move this case along.  It is not your choice what you send me or when.  You are required to send the complete copy immediately upon demand and I am making that demand.

Failure to expedite shipping of full and complete given light of your behavior, performance, and at will withdrawal, will further bring opportunity for filings.  This is not a threat.  This is advice because you have proven yourself to lack what is required to carry this case through the system. 

I look forward to receiving the file prior to Christmas 2015 via Certified Mail.




Theodore L Whidden



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