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A list of charges, and outline to follow of charges against the State Attorney and their office, and personnel.

It would be a “Misprision of Felony” for me to fail to notify law enforcement of the Felonious activity of the State Department and their agents in regards to: The State of Florida vs Theodore Lewis Whidden.

The reasons for this claim is found in the State’s Attorney file in the August 2015 correspondence.

1)      Prosecutorial Misconduct

2)      Obstruction of Justice

3)      False Reporting/Hearsay

4)      Unlawful Arrest

5)      Unlawful Detainment

6)      Harassment

7)      Harassment (Detention)

8)      Harassment (Probation)

9)      Unlawful restriction of freedoms

10)   Unlawful requirement for reporting

11)   Unlawful Arrest, Search and Seizure

12)   Unlawful withholding of personal property

13)   Criminal Mischief (Multiple Counts)

14)   Violation of Court Order

15)   Criminal Contempt of Court

16)   Tampering with Evidence

17)   Felony trespassing

18)   Burglary (Accomplice)

19)   Felony Grand Theft (Multiple Counts) (Accomplice)

20)   Breaking and Entering (Accomplice)

21)   Violation of Court Order (Multiple Counts)

22)   Unlawful Entry, Search, and Seizure

23)   Trespassing (Accomplice)

24)   Felony Trespass (Accomplice)

25)   Conspiracy to Defraud (Accomplice)

26)   Violation of a written order for trespassing (Accomplice)

27)   Failure to properly investigate

28)   Failure to properly control inventory in an alleged theft

29)   Failure to properly manage crime scene

30)   Failure to properly execute a Court Order

31)   Tampering with Evidence (Accomplice)

32)   Abuse of Process

33)   Misprision of Felony (Accessory After the Fact)

34)   Compounding a Crime

35)   Collusion

36)   Collusion with a criminal (Aiding and Abetting)

37)   Fraud (Accomplice)

38)   Aiding and Abetting multiple frauds

39)   Aiding and Abetting a Conspiracy to Defraud

40)   Aiding and Abetting 24+ counts charged against Jennifer Slay

41)   Obstruction of Justice in accountability on the Jennifer Slay illicit drug scene investigation.

42)   Obstruction of Justice in investigation of Jennifer Slay’s attempts to manufacture and distribute illicit drugs.

43)   Obstruction of Justice on Child Abuse/Child Endangerment case as it regards Jennifer Slay and children.

44)   Obstruction of Justice on behalf of Jennifer Slay vs Theodore Whidden, and Theodore Whidden vs Jennifer Slay

45)   Obstruction of Justice, Failure to Initiate and follow through with Felony Fraud charges, case, and conviction on Jennifer Slay.

46)   Collusion with Jennifer Slay.

47)   Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

48)   Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress


Prosecutorial misconduct is an illegal act or failing to act, on the part of a prosecutor, especially and attempt to sway the jury to wrongly convict a defendant or to impose a harsher than appropriate punishment…….Conduct which violates court rules or ethics standards of law practice.  Examples;Court room misconduct improper remarks, or improperly introducing evidence designed to prejudice the jury, violating rules of jury selection, or making improper closing remarks), hiding, destroying or tampering with evidence, case files, or court records, failing to disclose information which might exonerate the defendant; threatening, badgering or tampering with witnesses; Presenting false or misleading evidence; Selective or Vindictive prosecution; Denial of Speedy Trial rights; Use of Unreliable and untruthful witnesses and snitches

Prosecutorial Misconduct any conduct, intentional or inadvertent, during the course of prosecution that 1) Violates the applicable code of professional ethics. 2) Breaks a pertinent law,  or 3) Prejudices, or appears to prejudice the administration of justice.

Criminal Law

Innocence project

Preventable error


Common forms of Misconduct by prosecutors:

Withholding exculpatory evidence from defense, Deliberately mishandling mistreating or destroying evidence; Allowing witnesses the know or should know are not truthful to testify; Pressuring defense witnesses not to testify; Relying on fraudulent forensic experts; making misleading arguments that overstate the probative value of testimony



NOTE:  If prosecution uses U.S. Mail to demonstrate habitation, then check the date.  Consider any mail sent or forwarded after 5/7/2015 (notice of trespassing) to be an attempt at Mail Fraud, enter as exhibit for mail fraud, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, prosecutorial misconduct for admitting deceiving evidence,


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Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote concerning Pope v Illinois

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