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Guy Green requirements



recordings to submit for the case.  You told me to hold on to them.  I know you are trying to do as little as possible to throw this case, but I need to know who I should submit the evidence to in order to be used at trial.

For the case/trial which we will be having (AND WE WILL GO TO TRIAL), you need to request the video and paper copies of the arraignment order from Judge Mercer’s court on the morning of July 30, 2015.  You should have already done this per previous instruction in your file.

I will have to have a complete copy of the file as soon as possible including but not limited to:

1)   The Jennifer Slay deposition

2)   The Charles Pumphrey deposition

3)   The fifty (50) other depositions you took on the morning of October 15, 2015,

4)   A list of the fifty people you deposed on October 15, 2015

5)   Complete name and all names for opposing counsel including their Florida Bar number.

6)   Your Florida Bar license number

7)   List of all those and copies of depositions for all the people you deposed on the day you deposed Charles Pumphrey

Note:  To Guy Green and office,  It is not necessary to “depose” anyone on this case.  Your ability, interest, and effort to “depose” people appears a charade.  On many occasions you appear to depose far more people than you can properly manage or depose and this is ABUSE OF PROCESS by you and the opposing counsel who allows it.  You are ABUSING people, their employers, and those who believe you to be representing them.  Case in point, on the day you claim to have deposed Jennifer Slay (October 15?, 2015) you appear to have deposed FIFTY people.  This not only presents an unlawful conflict of interest, but it is ABUSE OF PROCESS and MALISCIOUS PROSECUTION.  You failed to ask the right questions and you came away with bullshit ideas.  Review of your file demonstrates I gave you 142 multi-part questions that were relevant to the case and you failed to ask pertinent questions.  As you were likely in a rush, and failed to review your file, the case, or anything material you were just checking a box to fulfill a State compensation program.  As you stated in our court meeting 10/20/2015 you get paid either way just for showing up, and there is no incentive nor deterrent to win, lose, or draw.  Your lack of integrity and apparent incompetence is upsetting to say the least.

Your questions and focus is well off the case and point we need to work on.  I fully expect you to violate any/all Attorney/Client privilege as is common with your office.  If you do, understand you can be prosecuted.



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