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To: Lt. Larry Birge/Berges, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

From: Ted Whidden, P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Reference: Corruption, Theft, Incompetence of Inventory/Evidence Handling (Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy as outlined herein and the following referenced State/County files.)

Case 2015-014810

Case 322015MM00619A

Case 322015CF00276A





It seems that corruption and such with your operation never ends.  I made 3 to 4 attempts to recover the firearms stolen from me during the unlawful arrest of 7/29/2015.  There is a host of foul play, corruption, deception, and frauds in this case as you should be aware.  There is no shortage of inappropriate handling by you and your accomplices.  I am advising you prior to seeking assistance to stop this abuse and train of events leading to abuse.

As you may now know I have filed Theft, Violation of Civil Rights, Criminal Conspiracy, Extortion, Aiding and Abetting, etc on the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Surely a bright person can see where this frivolous and corrupted pursuit is heading.

Upon 3rd or 4th attempt to retrieve my personal property I ran in to Fraud, Concealment, Theft, and various inventory corruption issues with your staff.  This appears planned and set up to be allowed by design of poor inventory and inventory control systems.  I am sure this is premeditated incompetence on the part of your department, thus another conspiracy to defraud is afoot in your processes and procedures.

Note on the first and second time I attempted to pick up my personal property I was denied opportunity due to allegations the inventory officer (Watson, Karen) was tied up.  On the third attempt I was advised by Karen Watson that Laura Wahlquist of the State’s Attorney office had advised Watson not to return my firearms (Personal Property).  This gave opportunity for me to file theft and Civil Rights violations on the States Attorney Laura Wahlquist.  As anticipated this freed up the ability for my firearms to be returned.  So, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd attempt your office was acting as an accomplice to Felony Theft.  It was an attempt at Aiding and Abetting the Criminal Conspiracy of the State’s Attorney office.  Clearly these violations are heading in the Federal direction.

Note corruption in your inventory and paperwork processes that stage the scene for corruption.  This is a criminal conspiracy to defraud.  When you assume possession of peoples’ personal property (Theft according to Florida Statute 812.014) you fail to give written inventory of their belongings you take.  This is unlawful.  It is Abuse of Process because you are taking undue advantage of the incarcerated by forcing them to allow your theft with no recourse.  By failing to give or acknowledge inventory at the time you take (Steal) their belongings you remove an avenue of recourse AND open the door for your dfepartment to further their crimes/thefts/concealment/extortion/etc with their personal property.

Note specifically no where in your records does anyone make proper inventory of the personal property stolen from me during the unlawful arrest of July 29, 2015.  The theft of my personal property on/after the arrest by your department was followed by unlawful retention of my personal property as part of the Criminal Conspiracy operated in part by the State’s Attorney office.  This further opened the door for corruption in your office as anticipated and outlined herein in part.

Note your corrupted process requires a person make a statement of the inventory they anticipate picking up, without any accurate documentation ever at any time provided by your department for what they admitted taking from the person.  This is corrupted.  You not only require the victim of your crimes to speculate on what you stole from them, but there is no proper document set for checks and balances on either side of the equation.  Clearly you and your department have staged a scene to take undue advantage of your victims.  This is criminal in nature and predatory.  It is Abuse of Process and Malicious Prosecution at its core.

Note in the attached sheets where you are advised this is the third/fourth attempt to pick up my inventory.  Note from the complaints filed with the States Attorney office (File ????????????) that the State Attorney had attempted with the help of your office to block access to my belongings.  This is a violation of the U.S. Constitution wherein we are getting in to Federal territory very quickly.

Upon arriving to pick up my inventory the officer (Karen Watson) was advised that I was surprised you would return my firearms, because based on crooked operations thus far you had staged a scene to frame the owner of the weapons.  She took offense to this, but her paperwork demonstrates subsequently that your office did attempt to steal from my personal inventory.  Yes, when confronted about the potential to commit a crime your office failed to provide integrity and actually proved the attempted Fraud, Theft, and crimes as anticipated.  Note the paperwork that follows:

1)      Black and white typed inventory lacked accounting for cartridges.

2)      Karen Watson initially (LIED) and said there were no cartridges.

3)      Karen Watson lied again stating cartridges were destroyed.

4)      Karen Watson required the owner sign a corrupted “Property Receipt” or not allow return of inventory.  (Note signature at the bottom of your Property Receipt).

5)      The undersigned wrote “NO AMMO INCLUDED” after signing the document because Watson refused to account for the stolen cartridges.

6)      Watson scribbled out “NO AMMO INCLUDED” and produced cartridges as hand written AFTER signed inventory was conveyed.

7)      Watson refused to give the undersigned copy of tampered document (property receipt) until she was advised she could not deny me copy of any/all documents signed by me.

8)      Watson (Karen) and her accomplice (Watson) appear to be tampering with inventories.  The ammo inventory was readily available, but not made available to the owner.   This is theft, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice and a host of violations.

9)      The ammo inventory was not property recorded, packed or maintained.  The balance of inventory taken from the personal inventory was returned in an unmarked evidence bag with no inventory or markings.  Your people now have a problem as to how I obtained the unmarked bag if this were not true.

10)   Karen Watson by providing me with an inventory to sign off knowing full well it was incomplete demonstrates she will short a person (facilitating theft and/or concealment) without hesitation.

11)   Karen Watson by striking the “NO AMMO INCLUDED” statement demonstrates she will override the good judgment of someone picking up inventory.

12)   Karen Watson by writing in inventory after striking “NO AMMO INCLUDED” and after first providing documents without proper inventory demonstrates she was knowingly in collusion, aiding and abetting, and facilitating the crime(s) of others.

13)   Karen Watson has now demonstrated that she will lie as it best suits her for any and all purposes.  Her credibility is indeed called in to question and her paperwork and material mishandling to facilitate the theft and Civil Rights violations of the Sheriff Department and States Attorney office is perfected.

14)   Thus far actions and inactions of department personnel in conjunction with County and State officials demonstrates a deeply entrenched criminal nature in the way you do business.

15)   Personally I see where evidence tampering, retaliatory measures, and obstruction of justice is well within the realm of your process and procedure, albeit unlawful.

Your people and processes appear corrupted to the core at virtually all levels.  You are affiliated with a corrupted law enforcement team, legal team, and potentially court system.

Your file(s) and the files of the States Attorney demonstrates and outlined numerous frauds, felonies, and corruptions identified in this process as your normal mode of operation.  In fact, corruption exists at each turn and all levels it appears.  As stated previously in your presence when I told Donnie Branch (Head Deputy) is all I had to do was wait because your processes are corrupted at every turn.  When Branch taunted me in your presence to just “Sue the Sheriff” and get it over with conveys the callous and cavalier approach your department takes towards the corrupt nature of your mis-dealings.  You were advised in August 2015 numerous times that there was substantial corruption.  (Note August 3, 7,2 10, 13 documents.)

It would seem that at some point someone in your system would acknowledge the fact that your “business as usual” criminal activity ought to be avoided, yet it pervades all dealings with you and yours.  Do you see where this whole corrupted process opens the door for federal intervention?  Unless they are as corrupt as your bunch or in collusion with your bunch then they should surely recognize the criminal processes in your system.

At what time is someone of integrity going to stop the runaway freight train of deception that you started?  Do you see how corrupt your system and approaches are?  Do you see how proper application of law would be more fruitful, meanwhile the corrupt application of law and law enforcement produces undue harassment and abuse on the citizen?

The corrupted process you initiated against me, using false and unsubstantiated statements by a known criminal, followed up by frauds within your filing and concealment of material documents by your office, leading to corrupted approaches by your accomplices at the States Attorney office have precluded my ability to work professionally as I customarily do.  I will be filing sanctions requests for my anticipated lost income.  Eventually I will likely be able to recover that from your office if unsuccessful at the next round in criminal court.

I would anticipate retaliatory action by you and your staff.  That seems to be how your office is structured to operate.  It is not encouraged, but as before I am advising you and your office of known felony conducted in accordance with notifications required due to Misprision of Felony requirements.  It just so happens your office and affiliates are the ones who continually and consistently commit the felony activity.

What is our next move?  I anticipate a wise person would soon drop the frivolous pursuits in Circuit Court.  As we move forward it will become increasingly more difficult for your side to either prosecute or end the ruse you began.  You have been duly advised.

I reserve the right to pursue the above content and other options/opportunities outlined and not outlined concerning the attached documents and related conversations.



Ted Whidden


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Copyright May 2016, All rights reserved by Ted Whidden