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This filing is being submitted by Theodore L Whidden, P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428, 850-685-2353

In regards to:  Ana Maria Garcia, Florida Bar #577162

Ms Garcia is at the head of a Criminal Conspiracy with a multi-faceted agenda.  As head of an office she is allowing and facilitating the ethics and criminal offenses of one of her subordinates/colleagues subject of previous/earlier ethics submission to the Florida Bar.  (For reference that filing is on Laura Wahlquist Fla Bar 87776, filed 11/23/2015)

The multiple facets of the Criminal Conspiracy, Extortion, Fraud, Civil Rights violations, and collusion will be covered in part in the bullet points to follow with additional filing(s) to come if necessary.

1)      Ana Garcia’s office initiated an unlawful warrant, leading to unlawful access, search and seizure of my personal property.  This is outlined substantially and in depth in Ana Garcia’s office file dating back to August 2015, with a host of accomplices listed in file to facilitate the Criminal Mischief, Conspiracy and other allegations.

2)      The unlawful access and seizure of my personal property lead to a THEFT of my personal property as per Florida Statute 812.014 (1) and (2)(c) (F3-L2) including 812.014 (2)(c)(5) as it included firearms.  This is/was outlined more deeply in the Laura Wahlquist (an accomplice) filing.

3)      Ms. Garcia’s accomplice/ring leader of the conspiracy further violated Civil Rights per 42 U.S. Code 1983 by:

A)     Retention of the undersigned’s personal property.

i)                    Garcia was the prostituting attorney on 2 November 2015 and signed agreed release of charges (Dismissal).

ii)                   Garcia’s office (allegedly Laura Wahlquist) called the Jackson County Sheriff’s office (Karen Watson) and advised Watson NOT TO RETURN FIREARMS to the undersigned following lawful execution of the Court proceedings.

iii)                 Watson and Whidden (the undersigned) spoke and agreed that denial of access to personal property was a violation of Civil Rights and was unlawful retention of personal property.

iv)                 Attorney Charles Wynn who represented the undersigned in the proceedings on 2 November 2015 (or thereabouts) advised access, removal, and retention of personal property was unconstitutional and a violation of Civil Rights at the outset.

v)                  The ongoing ABUSE OF PROCESS and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION by Ana Maria Garcia’s office continues.  The initial access, search, and seizure was unlawful, compounded further by clear criminal mischief and Civil Rights issues following lawful resolution.

vi)                 Noting the date of this filing 10 December 2015, I have as yet not received my personal property nor have received notification from those retaining my property as to the lawful disposition.

B)      Seizing (unlawfully) of undersigned’s personal property.

C)      Unlawful access to personal property (Multiple counts)

D)     Unlawful targeting of the undersigned.

4)      Garcia’s office is pursuing a frivolous case, unlawfully, unethically, and with intent to harm and/or harass causing undue duress and stress.

A)     Garcia/Wahlquist’s case lacks credible witness(es).

B)      Garcia/Wahlquist’s case lacks evidence.

C)      Garcia/Wahlquist’s case is based on false statements (statements known to be false.)

D)     Garcia/Wahlquist’s case is based on false statements from a less than credible witness with prior records of theft and other forms of deception.

E)      Garcia/Wahlquist’s case lacks proper inventory.  As stated in Garcia’s file the office of Wahlquist/Garcia corrupted their own case if ever they had one by way of evidence tampering, obstruction of justice, trespassing, theft and a host of crimes committed under the direction of Wahlquist/Garcia.

5)      Garcia is knowingly and with full knowledge Aiding and Abetting the Criminal Conspiracy and a host of criminal behavior believed customary for her office.  Within Garcia’s file is a list of:

A)     Felony offenses committed, demonstrated and proven within Garcia’s file by their client/Complainant Jennifer Slay

B)      Garcia/Wahlquist and their office have failed substantially to give the undersigned due protection, guidance and action under the law due to the offenses of Jennifer Slay.

C)      Garcia/Wahlquist’s office puts forward pamphlets in their office advising of the protections afforded a victim of a crime through their office and the system.  They have failed to provide those protections, and have actually had one of their accomplices in their criminal conspiracy (Larry Berge/Birges) advise the undersigned he is considered trespassing if he should enter in or near the Garcia/Wahlquist office.

D)     Garcia/Wahlquist are committing a host of crimes on their own as well as crimes using accomplices (County and State resources) to facilitate their crimes.

E)      Garcia/Wahlquist are Aiding and Abetting a host of crimes of other County/State employees, hence a conspiracy appears to exist.

F)      State and County employees have used their position to antagonize the undersigned while leaning on the perceived power of Garcia/Wahlquist’ office.

G)     All of the foregoing is unlawful in its own right, and is clearly ethically improper to even a naïve observer.

6)      Within Jackson County, Florida case #15-276CF within the office of Garcia/Wahlquist is a list of offenses by the complainant, by the state/county, and by the offices referred to herein.  There is adequate information to establish Jennifer Slay is attempting Extortion using false official statements, has unlawfully trespassed, stolen, etc.  Garcia/Wahlquist are furthering that criminal effort and failing to take proper action as outlined in their file.  Ethically there are a host of dynamics demonstrating the criminal operation and intent of the offices they hold.

7)      Adequate information is available and has been available from the beginning to drop the frivolous pursuits.

8)      Whereas one unlawfully pursued case is “pending” (for SEVEN MONTHS!), the one “dismissed” is all that is needed to demonstrate the unlawful warrant, access, search, seizure, AND RETENTION of personal property furthering a Civil Rights Violation as outlined herein and elsewhere.  The dismissed case and failure to property expedite return of personal property after unlawful access, search, seizure is ethically corrupt.

9)      The document on 10 July 2015 establishes the only record known of the removal of personal property from the undersigned.

A)     Note statement “N” in the attached “Conditional Release” was agreed with Wahlquist/Garcia’s office at or about midday on 30 July 2015 and Garcia’s office violated said agreement within 36 hours.

B)      Violation of “Statement N” referred to above constitutes theft, theft of a conveyance, trespassing, felony trespassing, violation of court order, and a host of issues to be addressed moving forward.  This alone corrupts the criminal pursuits by the Wahlquist/Garcia gang of hooligans.

10)   Further to add confusion/access the Sheriff Department of Jackson County have advised that the Undersigned is not allowed to access or address the office of Garcia/Wahlquist thus facilitating still further the Abuse of Process/Malicious Prostitution.  For this reason the Florida Bar will have to notify Garcia of this filing.

11)   I have not initiated all the wrath of the legal system yet on these criminal despots.  I am giving the Florida Bar opportunity to recognize the corruption in their midst prior to taking further action.


Refer to Case in Jackson County, Florida #15-276CF in which numerous outlines of criminal offenses and evidences of same are contained.

Documents included:

11/2/2015 Dismissal/Release by the Court concerning retained personal property.

30 July 2015 Conditional Release


Signed as posted this day, December 10, 2015 at 1200 hours. 

Hand delivered to the Jackson County Sheriff Office, c/o Lt Larry Berges/Birges intended for 1230 hours, December 10, 2015.


Respectfully submitted prior to sanctions and suit in Court pursued,


Theodore L Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida 32428

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Copyright May 2016, All rights reserved by Ted Whidden