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Attention Attorney Guy Greene

In connection with the “Grand Theft” (Hoax) charge, I was picked up under a (false) warrant.  At the time I was carrying firearms which they took from me.  On October 15, 2015 I am scheduled to appear (again) before Judge Mercer.  Judge Mercer has previously agreed to allow the resolution of the “Grand Theft” case allow to resolve my firearms/possession issue at time of arrest.  If/when we resolve this “Grand Theft” then a filing may be required with the court in this regard. 

It is prudent to dispose of this case in the deposition if possible.  The manner in which to do this is presented in the pages to follow.

Here is a list of questions in this order that must be asked of Jennifer Slay in the October 8, 2015 deposition.  Understand this is not about “landlord-tenant” law.  This is about “grand theft”.  It is a grand theft that has no grounds, unless they can establish through crooked means that a lock was placed on the gate by the owner.  Understand this is not possible, as it did not happen, however these a crooked bunch of hooligans.  They can/will lie about anything.  For this reason the deposition must completely tear down the credibility of those filing the charges, so that if/when they have some crack-head testify to a lie, that it does not stand up. 

I have drafted a number of questions in an order that Slay will likely stumble.  All of these questions must be asked in this order.  The questions in this order challenge her statement as filed and her credibility thusly.  Ultimately the approach will likely have her put forward several potential parties to have interest in placing the lock on the gate.

The State’s Attorney’s case against Jennifer Slay will require all these questions to be addressed in their state sponsored deposition, because with the statements they have in hand they can charge and convict Jennifer Slay without further testimony or hearings from anyone else.  It is crucial to get this moving otherwise Slay will continue her abuses of others through the system.

At the end of the deposition we need to ask the State’s Attorney’s office to place Slay under arrest.  The testimony at deposition cannot line up with her statement at the time of filing or with the evidence at hand.

I work internationally overseas.  I have been unable to work throughout this charade.  I have lost income for August, September, and October and would like to charge Jennifer Slay for my lost income as well as costs for court, towing of vehicles, arrest expenses, etc.

Ted Whidden


[email protected]


1)    Mrs. Slay, are you aware that making false statements on a police report is unlawful?

2)    Are you aware that Mr. Whidden at his option has filed charges against you for a host of unlawful activity?

3)    Within the State’s Attorney’s file is a list of violations you may have committed in your filing, leading up to your filing, and since your filing.  Are you aware of this?

4)    Mrs. Slay, who is “Angie Williams”?

5)    Is the proper phone number for “Angie Williams” 850-890-4472 ?

6)    Did your “mother” Angie Williams contact Mr. Whidden?  Do you know the nature of that communication?

7)    In the communication with Angie Williams she indicated knowledge of a “Meth Lab” or some form of crystal meth production/use.  Is this true?  Would she have knowledge of “Meth Production” and use at the property on Pollywog Lane?

8)    Why would Angie Williams be in contact with Mr. Whidden?  What is/was her interest in the meth lab?

9)    Did Angie Williams place a lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane?  Can you be sure?  How?

10)                      Mrs. Slay, don’t you have prior theft charges including “Petty theft”, bad checks, and drug use/paraphernalia?

11)                      Mrs. Slay don’t you have prior charges (and a conviction) for failing to properly pay electric power bills with West Florida Electric?   Don’t you have prior charges in conjunction with another person, James Earl Wright or someone with a similar name?

12)                      Who is Earl Wright?  Isn’t it true that West Florida Electric filed charges and won a case against you and James Wright for failure to pay your bills properly?  Who is/was involved in your failure to pay and subsequent charges and conviction for failing to pay outstanding power bills?

13)                      Mrs. Slay, in your statement to the Sheriff Department regarding your filing on this matter, you stated that Mr. Whidden turned off your water and power.  Is this true?

14)                      Mrs. Slay you are under oath.  You have made written statement that Mr. Whidden cut off your water and power.  Is this true?  Did you see it? 

15)                      Why would you make a statement that Mr. Whidden cut off your water and power?  You never had water or power, did you?  Can you evidence that water or power?

16)                      Mrs. Slay, you have prior charges and hence a bad record with West Florida Electric.  You never had power, and would likely have difficulty establishing or maintaining power, isn’t that correct?

17)                      Mrs. Slay you have lied in your statement.  Can you see the false claim in your statement?

18)                      Did Earl Wright place a lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

19)                      Mrs. Slay do you have any record of payments on power and/or outages at the Pollywog Property?

20)                      Did you realize that while you were at the property you were “living large” and burning about $6 per day in electrical power?  Who paid for that power?

21)                      Did you realize power ran out on or about April 29, 2015?  At which time someone made a $20 payment on April 30, 2015?  Would that have been you?

22)                      Do you realize that for each $20 payment there is/was a $2 service fee, as well as the account in arrears caught up at about $1 per day minimum?

23)                      Do you realize at the rate of power consumption a payment on April 30th would have “run out” on its own by about May 3-5?

24)                      How can you allege Mr. Whidden turned off your power and water when you failed to maintain any service?  You do realize this constitutes a false statement and fraud in your official statement?

25)                      Mrs. Slay, who is Justin Hurst?  Justin Hurst of 7080 Gilley Road, Grand Ridge, Florida.  Do you know him?

26)                      At one time you and your children were taken in to the home of Justin Hurst for long term stay and protection.  Is this true?

27)                      While in the home of Justin Hurst and while he was assisting you, isn’t it true that you were caught on numerous occasions stealing from the family?

28)                      Mrs. Slay you are under oath.  We are trying to establish character here.  You have lied in your statements, you have lied several times under oath, you have a past record of crimes, and you have been caught stealing yet not prosecuted by someone named in your file as a character witness.  Did you steal from Justin Hurst?  Are you prepared for Justin Hurst to establish character witness for you?

29)                      Mr. Hurst has alluded to you prostituting your children.   Do you know what this means, and what this is about?

30)                      Mrs. Slay, who is James Slay?  James Michael Slay.

31)                      James Slay has a past record in Mississippi and elsewhere.  He seems to be a violent irrational person.   Would you agree?  You have filed multiple domestic violence charges and restraining orders against James Slay.  Would you say he is violent and irrational?

32)                      What is your relationship to James Slay now?  Is it civil?  Are you still hiding from him?

33)                      When you moved in to the property on Pollywog Lane you covered all the windows.  Did this have anything to do with James Slay?

34)                      Are you or were you ever hiding from James Slay?

35)                      When in the home of Justin Hurst (your childhood friend) you were there for protection from James Slay.  Is that correct?

36)                      Mrs. Slay, you have alleged in the past that your ex-husband James Slay had on occasion kidnapped your children and taken them away.  Is this true?

37)                      Your “mother” Angie Williams in her communication with Mr. Whidden indicated that your ex-husband James Slay was up to something.  What was your ex-husband doing to harass you/Mr. Whidden, and how did your mother know about it?

38)                      Mrs. Slay, on May 11, 2015 you sent a text message to Mr. Whidden and within that text you wrote, “U want to be dirty well I can be dirty too.”  Is this true?

39)                      Mrs. Slay is your filing of false charges and committing felony offenses against Mr. Whidden using this court system part of your “Dirty” dealings you promised Mr. Whidden?

40)                      Mrs. Slay you have communicated to Mr. Whidden that you would use law enforcement to inflict punishment.  Is it your intention to inflict punishment or to exact a fee/price out of Mr. Whidden?  Mrs. Slay your conduct may constitute extortion and abuse of process with criminal mischief at a minimum.  Can you see this?  You have used false statements to substantiate a state funded harassment of Mr. Whidden.  Can you see how this is unlawful?

41)                      Mrs. Slay, are you aware that your ex-husband James Slay who you are in fear of apparently, who you are/were in hiding from, and who you have filed numerous assault charges on…..are you aware that he threatened Mr. Whidden?

42)                      Mrs. Slay you were married to a man with last name Tolbert is this correct? What is the relationship with Mr. Tolbert?

43)                      Mrs. Slay which one of your ex-husbands helps support your children?  You have alleged that your husbands did not help support you.  Is this true?  Is it true you use their support to prop up your drug habits and lifestyle?

44)                      Is it true you have had to file charges multiple times on each/several of your ex-husbands for child support, domestic violence, and support related issues?

45)                      Which one of your ex-husbands has a brother on the Sheriff’s Department?

46)                      Are you aware that Mr. Whidden was threatened by someone claiming to be your ex-husband, also claiming to have a brother on the Sheriff Department?

47)                      Why would your criminally violent ex-husbands be calling Mr. Whidden?

48)                      Are you committing these crimes in partnership with your ex-husbands, or were they operating on their own?

49)                      Mrs. Slay you have established through marriage that you hang around a fairly dodgy group of characters.  Which one of these dodgy characters put the lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

50)                      Mrs. Slay, in a recorded statement from your ex-husband who acknowledges “meth production” issues on the property he advises that he will lock/block Mr. Whidden from access to his own property?

51)                      Are you aware that your ex-husband placed the lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane to block you and/or Mr. Whidden from the property?  Is it possible that the ex-husband who you were hiding from found where you were and locked the gate?

52)                      Mrs. Slay you were hiding from your criminal ex-husband until you found it worthwhile to reveal your hideout.  You threatened Mr. Whidden.  Your husband threatened Mr. Whidden.  You took photos of items in the house and then you locked the gate.  Is this correct?  Did your husband lock the gate?   When did you lock the gate?  When did your husband lock the gate? 

53)                      Mrs. Slay you can’t tell for sure whether or not your violent, criminal husband locked the gate or not, can you? 

54)                      Mrs. Slay when exactly was the lock placed on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

55)                      What day was the lock placed on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

56)                      What time was the lock placed on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

57)                      Who exactly placed the lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

58)                      Did you or anyone you know actually see or witness anyone put a lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane?

59)                      Mrs. Slay, you must realize you have lied materially in much of your original statement.  You are known to run around with questionable characters based on your own marriages and filing of charges against people with whom you have had children.  Do you see how you and your witnesses lack the credibility to establish the lies you perpetuate?

60)                      Mrs. Slay you have no proof, nor indication that Mr. Whidden put a lock on the gate at Pollywog Lane.  Meanwhile, on May 11, 2015 immediately before you reported this to law enforcement you advised you were about to “Play dirty”.  Is this true?

61)                      Specifically one of your texts states: “Talked to the sheriffs office again and Tom I’m going to the courthouse because U can NOT turn the electricity off and legally I have to have water!  U want to be dirty well I can b dirty too!”………………… Mrs. Slay we have established and can further establish that you failed to pay sufficiently to have power, and it was not the owner’s responsibility in any way, shape, or form to provide you with electricity or water.  Your statements surrounding your “dirty” business is corrupted.  Can you see how this and everything you have stated in your filing is false?  Do you realize you are putting your children at risk with the poor quality of life and this life of deceptions?  Do you realize that your actions may constitute criminal mischief, fraud, and a host of other violations?

62)                      At the same time you were plotting against Mr. Whidden to hide the meth lab your ex-husband in a recorded communication stated that he would block Mr. Whidden from the property to prevent any removal of belongings.  Is this true?

63)                      Mrs. Slay isn’t it just as likely that you and your husband placed the lock in order to harass Mr. Whidden as it is the other way around?  Yet, you and your husband have stated you would block Mr. Whidden from his own property?

64)                      Mrs. Slay, this is actually a case of you trying to extort money from Mr. Whidden, isn’t it?

65)                      Mrs. Slay, your foul conduct and that of your husband have raised reasonable doubt as to whether you put the lock on the gate.   When did you and your husband dream up this scheme to frame Mr. Whidden?

66)                      Mrs. Slay prior to “Spring Break” in 2015 where were you working?  You were working for a doctor allegedly in Bristol, Florida.  Is this true?  We will need his exact name, phone number, address, and place of employ.  Please state that for the court record.

67)                      Mrs. Slay when was “Spring Break” for your children in 2015?

68)                      Mrs. Slay isn’t it true you were terminated from the doctor’s office in Bristol prior to Spring Break of 2015?  When did you leave that doctor’s office and why?

69)                      Mrs. Slay isn’t it true you began squatting Mr. Whidden’s property on Pollywog Lane before Spring Break 2015?

70)                      Mrs. Slay you have a stated date of habitation of March 26, 2015.  Is this correct?  Is the date correct, or the statement correct?  Mrs. Slay you moved in to Mr. Whidden’s vacant real estate in early/mid March.  Is this correct?  Why did you lie in your statement?  Why are you lieing in this deposition?

71)                      Mrs. Slay in the “Trespass Notice” and other filings which is part of the State’s Attorney file, Mr. Whidden has indicated a potential for a felony fraud case against you for alleging a “Landlord-Tenant” situation when you had no ability to pay rent.  Are you aware of this within the “Trespass Notice”?

72)                      Mrs. Slay if this were a landlord tenant situation how were you planning to pay the rent?

73)                      Mrs. Slay you do know that prostitution is illegal.  Correct?

74)                      Mrs. Slay you do realize it is unlawful and dangerous to sell, produce and/or use synthetic drugs?

75)                      Mrs. Slay…..You, your mother, and your ex-husband have acknowledged the existence of production materials for the illegal drug crystal meth on the property.  Why did you choose to stay following the notice?

76)                      Mrs. Slay do you realize that you are/were endangering your children by keeping them at a place known for hazardous waste on the ground and crystal meth substances?

77)                      Are you aware that you can lose the custody of your children for endangering them?

78)                      Your acknowledgement of meth production, paraphernalia, and remnants on the property should have required you to remove yourself and the children from the property immediately.  Didn’t Mr. Whidden inform you that no one could remain at the property due to this problem?

79)                      Mrs. Slay, Mr. Whidden has sited more than 20 instances of child endangerment in his filing with the State’s Attorneys’ office.  Are you aware of the content of these filings?

80)                      Mrs. Slay are you ready to have your children testify in this hearing/case regarding Mr. Whidden and your unlawful habitation of his property?

81)                      With your past history of thefts, drugs, and your affiliation with questionable characters, including those you have married, shouldn’t you have accepted Mr. Whidden’s encouragement to move on?

82)                      Mrs. Slay isn’t it true that you allege to “clean houses” for income?

83)                      Can you provide a list of names and contact information for all those you have or are cleaning house for?

84)                      Isn’t it true that you use “house cleaning” as a guise to get inside people’s homes and steal their belongings?

85)                      Isn’t it true that you responded to an advertisement Mr. Whidden ran for hiring a house keeper/cleaner? 

86)                      Isn’t it true you were supposed to clean the residences, not move in at Pollywog?

87)                      Mrs. Slay, in Mr. Whidden’s “trespass notice” he specifically names three residences on Pollywog Lane.  Why do you think Mr. Whidden found it necessary to notify you of thefts, vandalism and other charges in three separate residences?

88)                      Mrs. Slay, you have alleged “landlord tenant” relationship.  Which address did you live in? 

A)   Do you have a lease?

B)    Let us have a copy of your driver’s license.

C)    Florida Law requires a person change their driver’s license address to their actual address within 10 days.  Did you do this?

D)   Do you have a power bill in your name?

E)    Do you have anything that determines you are/were a legal resident of any of the three addresses listed in the trespass notice?

89)                      Mrs. Slay do you realize the “Trespass Notice” as provided to you by Mr. Whidden is completely lawful?  If not, please advise what you think is unlawful.

90)                      Mrs. Slay, on occasions the Sheriff’s Department came out to Pollywog Lane to serve you with trespass notice.  Why did you hide from officers?

91)                      Mrs. Slay you often hid both yourself and your children from Mr. Whidden.  Why did you do this?

92)                      Mrs. Slay you were hiding out from an ex-husband, creditors, from Mr. Whidden, and a host of others, including but not limited to “friends” who you had been caught stealing from; why would you use all these false statement and develop this ruse to abuse Mr. Whidden?

93)                      Mrs. Slay, the “Trespass Notice” listed three addresses, because during your stay at/near the property there were thefts and vandalism by way of damages to the three residences.  Are you aware of the thefts and vandalism?  Why did you not inquire about this theft/vandalism?

94)                      Mrs. Slay why did you not inquire for details regarding the meth production and evidence on the property?

95)                      Mrs. Slay, what evidences Meth Production on the property at Pollywog Lane?

A)   The evidence of meth production and product disposal is quite clear on the property.  Why did you never inquire as to what evidence was involved in the Meth assertion?

B)    Why did you remain in the property when you realized there was meth production and issues on/near the property?

C)    How did your mother know about your meth production?

D)   How did your husband know about the meth production?

E)    Mrs. Slay your husband(s) and yourself have prior charges for a wide array of offenses.  Is it possible that your ex-husband or someone else you are involved was dumping meth related substances on the property?

F)    Mrs. Slay, if you stated it is not possible, how can you state this?

G)   Mrs. Slay if it is possible someone you are/were involved is/was dumping meth production materials please explain.

H)   Mrs. Slay why did you stay when you advised to leave?

I)       Mrs. Slay why did you file false statements and false charges against Mr. Whidden?

96)                      Mrs. Slay are you aware of Mr. Whidden’s medical condition?

97)                      Mrs. Slay did you at any time go in any of the other four dwellings on the property near Pollywog Lane?

98)                      When/which ones/why would you go in any of the other dwellings on Pollywog Lane?

99)                      Are you familiar with the medical equipment stored on the property at Pollywog Lane?

100)                 Are you aware of Mr. Whidden’s plan to create a “retreat” for helping sick children at the Pollywog Property?

101)                 Do you recall Mr. Whidden advising that his “retreat” mentioned at his website, www.TheBrainCan.com was to be located at Pollywog Lane?

102)                 Mrs. Slay you have stated some rather substantial values for your belongings.  Are these valuations accurate?  Is this inventory accurate?

103)                 Mrs. Slay we have indications/evidence that you drastically overstated your valuations and your inventory of belongings.  Do you realize this constitutes filing false statements and fraud?

104)                 Mr. Whidden has filed with the State’s Attorney’s office that you violated a court order by removing property from his real estate.  Are you aware that you are in contempt of this court for removing your alleged belongings outside the scope of the court order?

105)                 Mrs. Slay there are a host of felony charges regarding your removal of belongings from Mr. Whidden’s property.  Do you have an accurate inventory?

106)                 Mrs. Slay how can you/will you establish the inventory, ownership, and value of the belongings alleged to be at the Pollywog property?

107)                 Mrs. Slay isn’t it true that all the electronics for the residence you stayed in came from Mr. Whidden’s other storage?

108)                 Isn’t it true you took dishes from other trailers and residences on the Pollywog property?

109)                 Isn’t it true that your valuations of your belongings are inflated well in excess of 20 times their real and stated values?

110)                 Mrs. Slay we have copies of your yard sale signs stating the childrens bunkbeds, chests, and furniture were available for $60 or less and that was negotiable.  Your valuation in your statement is $1000 for the beds alone it seems.  How can this be?  You lied in your statement as to the value, didn’t you?

111)                 You lied in your statement as to the amount of property, and the value, didn’t you?

112)                 Isn’t it true that Mr. Whidden bought your yard sale items and had you move them to his residence?

113)                 Isn’t it true Mr. Whidden purchased your yard sale items in total and had you move them to a residence you were to clean and set up for his “bunk house” retreat?

114)                 Mrs Slay, the bunk house retreat is mentioned on the website at www.TheBrainCan.com .  Are you aware that you stole items from that entity?

115)                 Isn’t it true Mr. Whidden offered to help you out by buying all your yard sale items and by hiring you to clean the buildings on Pollywog lane?

116)                 Didn’t you sell the majority of the listed “antiques” and such in your inventory to Mr. Whidden for less than $200?

117)                 Mrs. Slay you have greatly amplified the valuations on your belongings.  This is Fraud, or material misrepresentation of fact.  You have removed items from Mr. Whidden’s property against a court order mandating he be present, and it now appears you stole items Mr. Whidden both bought and owned.  Is this true?

118)                 Mrs. Slay, isn’t this all an attempt at extortion as you knew Mr. Whidden was working on a cure for cancer and trying to establish a retreat/clinic to help people?

119)                 Mrs. Slay do you realize that a land owner is not responsible to keep electric power on for you?

120)                 Why would you allege Mr. Whidden turned off your water and power, when the record shows you never had power?

121)                 Why would you allege Mr. Whidden turned off your water and power when in fact the record shows that you were unable to maintain power on at the dwelling?

122)                 Why would you endanger your children by keeping them in a dwelling with no power?

123)                 Mrs. Slay, if you were unable to maintain electric power to the property, then how on earth did you ever expect to be able to pay rent?

124)                 You do realize it is a fraud to move in to a property with no ability to pay?  You have alleged landlord tenant, but you have alleged many things.  Nothing you have said is true?  Do you realize you have corrupted your own case and violated the rights of others?  You have blatantly misused the legal process.

125)                 Why would you use the civil court system to inflict your Criminal Mischief on Mr. Whidden?

126)                 Mrs. Slay do you know what Abuse of Process is?  Abuse of process is using an apparent law process or procedure to inflict some other kind of harm, thus abusing the use of process.

127)                 Mrs. Slay do you realize your false statements and misuse of this process is Abuse of Process and Criminal Mischief to Mr. Whidden?

128)                 Mrs. Slay, you do not have a lease, or anything indicating you lawfully resided at Pollywog lane.  You do not have power or anything to establish you were properly housing your children or taking care of your responsibilities.  You are using process to inflict harm on another.  Mrs. Slay you were unemployed upon moving in to reside at the property.  You committed a felony fraud by your own admission moving in to a place without ability to pay, while alleging a landlord tenant relationship existed.  While squatting the property, vandalizing Mr. Whidden’s place, and multiple thefts ongoing, someone under your supervision was using and/or disposing of illicit drug materials on the property.  Mrs. Slay, what do you have to say for yourself?

129)                 Mrs. Slay you and your husband threatened Mr. Whidden to deny him access to his own property.  Isn’t it more likely that you put a lock on the gate as part of your criminal mischief?

130)                 Mrs. Slay, your photos of the closets and internal parts of the house (your alleged belongings).  How did you get these pictures?  When were they taken?  By whom?

131)                 Mrs. Slay the presence of pictures of your belongings indicates you had access to the belongings.  Isn’t this true?  You were never denied access, were you?

132)                 Mrs. Slay the order of the photos you took of the place begins with furniture, closets, etc.  The last picture is the lock on the gate.  Did you take the pictures in that order?  First the belongings, then the lock on the gate as you exited?

133)                 Mrs. Slay, you placed the lock on the gate, didn’t you?

134)                 Mrs. Slay this discussion about landlord tenant is immaterial, but as you have made the allegations you must prove this to be true.  Are you prepared?

135)                 Mrs. Slay you have lied materially numerous times in your written statement as established herein and elsewhere.  You have likely lied numerous times within this deposition because we have established that is who you are and what you do.  Are you prepared to address the numerous charges Mr. Whidden has filed with the State’s Attorney’s office on you labeling you a predator?

136)                 The case before the State’s Attorney and the Court in Marianna is regarding theft, grand theft.

A)   There is no proof nor indication that Mr. Whidden put a lock on the gate, thus there is no case in that regard against Mr. Whidden.  There is no case for theft of any kind.

B)    Your violation of court order precluded any means of inventory and thus valuation of the belongings past, present or future, thus there is no valuation for any possible theft case.

C)    Your removal of the belongings under court order to allow them to remain until all parties can be present constitutes contempt of court and theft, in fact grand theft based on your own valuations of what was removed.

D)   You with help, including law enforcement, removed items known to belong to Mr. Whidden.  This is Abuse of Process at a minimum, tampering with evidence, contempt of court, and a host of charges.  Are you aware of this?

E)    There are indications that you and/or your husband put a lock on the gate.  This furthers your Criminal Mischief.  Why did you put the lock on the gate?  Why did your husband or your associates lock the gate?

F)    All the statements in your filing with the Sheriff department are false.  Valuations and your allegations are false.  You have committed a number of felony offenses.  Why should anyone believe anything you have to say?

G)   Your indication that this was landlord tenant is indeed an attempt at Felony Fraud if you cannot prove this.  You were advised in the Trespass Notice of May 7, 2015 which is part of the State’s Attorney file.

137)                 Are you prepared to defend yourself against the charges filed by Mr. Whidden in response to your Misuse of Process?

138)                 Mrs. Slay, you are informed that this deposition can and will be used against you in future cases/charges as the process continues to move along.  This is a sworn statement just as your filed statements which appear false were sworn statements.  It is our recommendation to the State’s Attorney Office that you are arrested and held awaiting bond for the numerous felony and misdemeanor charges filed by Mr. Whidden against you.

139)                 Mrs. Slay one last set of questions:  On May 9th you sent a text to Mr. Whidden stating the following quoted material, “And since ur so concerned with everybody’s well being u should probably tell the ppl living in the back u found meth.”……………. Mrs. Slay admittedly your indication that someone else was living on or near the property is another one of your lies or attempts to blameshift, but if you can tell us about those people?  Who were these people?  Where did they live?  Is it possible they broke in to your house daily and dumped crystal meth production remnants down your toilet daily?  Who or what connection to the meth operation are these people?  Are these the people who were buying from you?  Selling to you?

140)                 Mrs. Slay, who were these mystery people?  Is it possible these mystery people put a lock on the gate?

141)                 Mrs. Slay, you made up the existence of “people” on the property in all likelihood, but this fantasy you have created again raises reasonable doubt by way of your own testimony as to who placed a lock on the gate.  Clearly those with property interests in the area had concern for their belongings because of your thefts and drugs traffic.  Again, did they place the lock on the gate?  Did you?  Did your husband?  Who placed the lock on the gate?

142)                 Mrs. Slay, since your departure from the property the reported thefts and the drug/paraphernalia dumping has ended.  Are you aware that it started when you arrived, and ended when you left?  Mrs. Slay there are/were cut up batteries and plastics dumped down the toilet of the place you have previously stated you resided at.  Are you willing to take possession of the drug remnants you left on Mr. Whidden’s property?  Are you willing to pay for the hazmat cleanup?  Are you willing to submit to drug testing during your incarceration?



A)   Miss Slay, in the State’s case against Mr. Whidden you are listed as a witness to an alleged “Grand Theft”.  Further exploration in to the case indicates you willing moved what you have alleged to be your personal property on to Mr. Whidden’s property with or without permission.  Is this true?

B)    Miss Slay, your filing with the state indicates that on March 26th you moved in to Mr. Whidden’s residence.  Where did you come up with that date?

C)    Your file lists a host of precious antiques, dishes, furniture and electronics.  How do you intend to demonstrate ownership?

D)   How do you intend to demonstrate valuation?

E)    How do you intend to demonstrate possession?

F)    Miss Slay under your own initiative and power you moved personal property on to Mr. Whidden’s property allegedly in March of 2015.  The property remained it appears until August 2015.  That is a period of 6 months.  Did you or anyone else come and go from the dwelling in that six month period of time?  Did you work at all during that 6 month period of time?  Did you establish 24 hour watch or security over the property for that 6 month period of time?

G)   Miss Slay, you and others came and went from the property for six months.  How do you intend to demonstrate inventory of items in the home?

H)   How do you intend to demonstrate ownership of the items within the home?

I)       How do you intend to demonstrate valuation of the items within the home?

J)      How do you intend to demonstrate possession of the items to which you have no inventory or valuation?

K)    Miss Slay, this case is over before it begins because you cannot establish inventory, ownership, valuation, or possession of the items.

L)     In your statement which is full of lies which we will soon discuss and reveal you state that a “Trespass Notice” was served to you on May 8, 2015, yet this is a lie.  Do you have a copy of that service?  Can we see and read that service?

M)Miss Slay, which residence on Pollywog lane did you choose to squat?

N)  Miss Slay, why would the owner of the property find need to give you notification of vandalism and thefts from the adjacent properties?  You do realize the “Trespass Notice” is entirely lawful, don’t you?

O)  Despite bad legal advice from incompetent legal and law counsel the Trespass Notice is valid.  Isn’t it?

P)    Miss Slay, why were you vandalizing and stealing from the adjacent dwellings?

Q)  Miss Slay, you have a record for grand thefts dropped to petty thefts, petty thefts, bad checks, drug charges, evictions, bad debts to the Co-op at West Florida Electric and a host of legal problems, don’t you?

R)    Miss Slay, deception and corruption is part of your nature, isn’t it?

S)    The Criminal Mischief and some 20+ felony charges against you in relation to this filing are part of one of your schemes to defraud, isn’t it?

T)    Miss Slay, you have committed a number of felonies in your filing and in your handling of this case.  Do you have any witnesses to speak on your behalf?  You do realize that those people will be aiding and abetting your deception and chargeable with your felony offenses?

U)  Miss Slay, we have another witness coming in today who we are expecting to tell us that you were given money by them to pay your rent.  Who would that be?  How much were you given?  Why were they paying your rent/bills?

V)   Miss Slay, when you were running from one of your lawless ex-husbands, where did you find and seek refuge? 

W)                        Mrs. Slay, who is Justin Hurst?  Justin Hurst of 7080 Gilley Road, Grand Ridge, Florida.

X)    Miss Slay, where specifically did you live before attempting to reside at Pollywog Lane?  Do you have a lease or evidence of living there?

Y)    Miss Slay, you were fired from a job in Calhoun County in March of 2015 for stealing money and drugs.  Tell us about that?

Z)    Miss Slay, you have a record of writing bad checks, drug use, drug paraphernalia, evictions, bad debts to West Florida Electric, etc.  Is this true?

AA)                     Writing a check which you know is not “good” is fraud isn’t it?

BB)                      Writing a check putting forward that it is good when it is not is a lie, isn’t it?

CC)                      We are trying to establish character and you are very low integrity, lying, dishonest person.  The jury has a right to know what kind of low life they are dealing with.  Can you see that?

DD)                    Usually when you write bad checks they take you to court, and usually you pay the check late and they let you off.  Is this how it usually works?

EE)                       Miss Slay your criminal activity costs the State and County a lot of time and money, doesn’t it?

FF)                       Miss Slay your crimes cost a lot of people a lot of time, money and resources, doesn’t it?  How do you feel about that?

GG)                    Miss Slay, these people of the jury are losing time and money today because of you and your crimes.  How do you feel about that?

HH)                    Miss Slay, where the State’s Attorney office appears to be either corrupt or incompetent they invested time and money in your criminal behavior.  How do you feel about that?

II)    Miss Slay, when you removed personal property from my residence you did it with the assistance of local law enforcement and who else?

JJ)  Miss Slay, Your removal of personal property from my residence was done in violation of a court order by this court.  Are you aware of that?

KK)                      Miss Slay, your removal of personal property from my residence was an act of Contempt of Court wasn’t it?

LL)Your removal of items from my property constitutes “Grand Theft” by you and your party, because it was never established as an inventory, valuation, ownership or possession.  Do you realize that by your own statement the State can (and should) charge you with Grand Theft?  Your statement is clearly a lie, but removal of items at any time prior to an adequate resolution constitutes theft.  What do you think about the valuation of your garbage now that you are responsible for stealing from Mr Whidden?  It was all junk and trash wasn’t it?  The photos show yard sale/trailer trash.  Where are the “expensive” heirlooms?  Your valuations and inventory is a lie isn’t it?

MM)               Miss Slay, do you have an inventory of items moved on to my property?

NN)                   Do you have the exact date each piece was brought on to the property and by whom?

OO)                   How do you intend to establish valuation?  This is classified as a “Grand Theft” case based on a worthless pile of trash that you now have in your possession.  How is that theft?  How is that Grand Theft?

PP)                      These items were alleged to have been brought there.  How are we to know if/when you removed them? 

QQ)                   How do you anticipate establishing the inventory of belongings stored on my property at any time during your stay?

RR)                      Miss Slay where did you reside in February?

SS)                       Where did you reside in March?

TT)                       Where did you reside in April?

UU)                   Where did you reside in May? June? July? August?

VV)                     We know you were fired for cause in or before March 2015 because of your drug and theft issues.  Did you work anywhere since then?  When did you work and where?

WW)              Can you account for yourself every hour of every day since early March?

XX)                      Who helped you steal items from my property?

YY)                       Who helped you with the Meth production on the property?

ZZ)                       You left the property shortly after yellow tape was stretched around the Crystal Meth lab site on the property.  Why?

AAA)               Your photos of your belongings in the State file.  Who took those photos?  Explain each one.

BBB)                 Do you always take photos of your closet?

CCC)                 When did you take these photos?  Who took these photos?  Who was with you when you took these photos?

DDD)              Clearly you had access to the property to take photos of the closets. Correct?

EEE)                  So you were never blocked from the property.  Were you?

FFF)                  The last photo you took was of the lock on the gate.  Did you take this photo after you placed a lock on the gate or before?

GGG)              Miss Slay your statement is riddled with lies and deceptions.  Each lie constitutes fraud, an attempt at fraud and criminal mischief.  Are you aware of that?

HHH)              Miss Slay, you operated in contempt of this court, in violation of a court order, in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office and State’s Attorney office.  Are you aware that the State and County partied with you in your crime?  Are you aware that your criminal activity is jeopardizing far more than you?

III)  Miss Slay, you and your husband are a regular “Bonnie and Clyde” abusing the public and you seem to have no regard for the abuse of time, money and resources of these people over here.  Why is that?  Do we owe you something?

JJJ)                       Miss Slay, there are more than 20 felony charges filed with the State against you in regards to your Criminal Mischief in this case.  Are you aware?  Let’s read them.





Supreme Court ruled unanimously written by Judge William Rehnquist concerning Hustler Magazine v Jerry Falwell

"At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. The freedom to speak one's mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty – and thus a good unto itself – but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole."

Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote concerning Pope v Illinois

"Just as there is no use arguing about taste, there is no use litigating about it."

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